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" " " F " - - - _ r . _r j j r DuIness is qiriet in most at I (Icp:irtmenu. Mot;ey. how;vcr, Isgetüng MBJ. nnd il iaprolmblc tbat wir-n dal ness is t bc cxpccted wc may have ftirriiiir traile. Such, at least hn been the. conree of ihir.j; ÜjL past thrce raonths, finaucially and mmmcrcmüy, the old orrtcr of thiiu-s almust entiroly rsversed. Hardware issill: uüchincil, jobber? ar fice to admit iliut in thvlr opinión tiio blghettprt? ces have becu roachcd. Lumber ij 5"cdlS1.0y pe M ■ ■h;ai(;r sincetho niizs. Üry sood ara off I Uttlein raany nf liie Ieudln;staplc9laaultheinarkt'tlnacek'. ! Nu wool has bei'n MOBÍTd, nlthough ebcarcd sherp ' have been oiTcting for tw r trce weeks. Wool buyers are frae Irom eMCltcmcut, aud thy may bc sipicted to look twiceat their moncv bcforo paying 1' out at preeeut (jnotationt of rhc stnplc. Cattleand Bhcep are lns;ood (Iemand. Theforroer mire at 85.S0S0.03, for biitctiers' stock, whllo hipp n; i,'inrtes would cutnmsnd iö. C@' S . is no excítoment whatever in the produce mftrkst. Green appli are abont. tlolle with, thouh an occa8Ít)nal lot ofnuuet 8ellüt 81 .504.50 por bbl. Dlid re duil at H.jc, ifl ven tliu tlock heavy a decline wonld ensue. BotUri vorvplontlftl! i licavy fttnottuiH sie L?olng ín o cellar ind ft ta b ifo to tay that ihobulk of it wül come out at a loc . The qimlity lxltgtally obovethal irli?t yeir, l t tier i.i '( od doal o" ovtr-ialt;d and varlcsatcU (Dolly Vardeu) butur. The range for good and choleo II lS'020c cheese is active t H315C. Efc'gs - only !n local (leraaïld- 12Cá-13c l ■I.-;r is tiwy at $i),503).ï(; for bolt white. Whcat rntiv ui foüows : Extra. tl.H ; Nu. 1 'nlto.Jl.02 ; roiirtwell, Sl.'.ii); Amber, $1 SS. Co:u U dull- f rerinfat'Bc Oats heavy t 04c for No. 1 State. Barlvv iiriulnnl :;t $1.5 ' pi-r cwt nnd malt flrm at ti.n i'...") pet hu, l'outoei iHM at i 'atoe for mixed ttticï peachblowt. Tallow in uemaud at 8c, Ank Akbok, THUKsriAV, May 3Ut,'7S. -Urenn, 8O.'iUc por bu. üried, S0c per lb. lir.KT- Brings 70 Sc. BÖLtKp MFAL-Í2.00. IV. Ti rm - Vricep remftin nt 161Re. Bkahs- $1.75 per bu. is paid for good (jualitr. ConN- ltri!i(?s iiío.5c prrbu. rHn.-KKNK- Dressed 12 so Booa- Command lOOllc. turna- xix. IS.00 poi ct. !( iv -!1(. 1 -■ peí ton, íieeording to quality. Hoxsi -In pap, 18.'ó'20c. Laí.i - Tlic mnrket Htands at 7@8c, Mapls 1517c. (iau-KÍJMc, POTATOJi!'- 9('@J5c. TVHKKYtí - 140. Wo quoto White nt Í1.8"@'.OO; mb, Í.T.V-I.SO; red tl.CSW 1.75.


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