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Hat Soden, PuuasiA, June 25, 1872. 11 B. Pond, Esa. :- Horo at a Germán ; waiuríng ploco for a few weeks I inay havo 1 isuro to Write up some of the fragmentary notes whie'a aocumulntu when on the road. I believe my former letter olosed with our arrivul at our first Germán landing, Bremerhafen. Of oourse a voyage of two weeks furnishes an excellent prelude to the enjoyment of whatcvcr purttuns to terra litmi, and especiully so wheu everything thsit moots the eye il mul strange. Tho trip frora Broinorhafon to Brernon furniflhed to us a constant gratification in tho pioturesquo grouping and architecture of tho hanilets ulong tliü road. For t oonaiderable part of thu way tho gablfcs are gonirally quite high und very pointud, .Vith the single uppor window shaded by a ourious projeotion of the roof of M03sy thatch. Tho eaveswero in general only oiw story high, and henee tho roof constitutoil a large portion of tho exterior of these dwellinga, and lüiíf-niilueii amia luxuriant shrubbory and tious, it seemud as if any one of tliose clusters of thfttoh-oovered houses woulil forin a fit subject forthe pendil. Brtmen, contrary to all our anfioipations, we found tobuainost lUtrüetivc city, with a bcuutiful park ranniag through tho conter oí tho ontire place, and floworn in noarly every baloony íná yard. As largo as Detroit av. Bolidly built, it ffivi:3 tho irapreesiou oí bciüg a busy, rich and thriving city. Tbu ollii portions aro, liko all other ancicnt cíties in Europo, noticcable to American eyei for tho very narro-Y aml vory crookcd sírcets and ullcys, and thu grout antiquity of many of tho buildings. Especiully is the newly arrived stranger interested in tbe curious frnnts acd gables which are to be seen on all sidos of the Mtirkot Sqnaftraftd Uomhof, fnanvof thi;m dating from tho eleventíi ;nd twelfth ■ n turies. The Dom or Cathedral, not particnlurly attractivá outsido, is quito eomplea ia tíiu interior, and, being our lirst in the list of cathedruls, itnprossivo on account of its great extent and the height of tiui nave. It is in th so-callod "dead celiur" of this ohurch thot mumraies are to bo tuin 400 yeurs old and less preserved from decompositioii by the peculiar proporties of the atmosphero of tho vault. The Rathhaus in the same vic'tnity contains the oelebrated vino collar, open every mörning, anvl where wine said to be 300 years old may be purehased. In front of this building stands the Itolaudssaeulc, a somewhat rude and singulurly foriaed colossal figure of bnwn stone orectud in 1442, and intended to symboli.a a freo couimeroo, civic liborty, ifcr:. Sonio of the modern streots contain rowa of buildings as attractiva, with shady porches, beautiful groundg and fino fronte, 8 aro anywhere to be fou:id. Iiremon being a free oitj' allowa tho strangor to onter with any quiutitj or kind of bag-, gage without examination, but before loaving all trunks, valises, &c, must nndergo tho required search for contrabaud conteuts - a soarch genorally very süght, yet in some cases, whtro suípioion is excited, quite vigorous and annoyinaf. To save annoyances we avniled ovreelres of tho privilege üf having our trunks I and then forwarded them direct to Tübinguu, to be thoro examined when wc oalled I for thein ; and I may add here that of our threi trunks we ivoro required to un looic only twO M 1 tho coutonts oí' ' were not disturbad, upon our statpmmit that the contents were prinoípally wearing apparel. It may be thst it will interest you as it did nio to leiim that upon sornií rnilroud routes uo baggivge is oarriod íroe, and thftt in such cases, if one is not in :i l:irry for his baggnge, it may often bo expressed to its dcstitiation, asfreigki, much cheaper than it oan be taken along as baggngo. In either case a pper oheck is givon for the iiutiibt'r of pieoes sant, the weight aml amount of tariff paid, bat the fright trains aro 1 ongor .upon the rond. The liability foi loss is very liinitcd unlesstho actual valué iadeolaied and an additional sum puid for this oxcess But it is proverbial that no Uves cr baggttga aro lost upon the (j.. -rman railroads, heneo no one p-iys tho additional tax. The day ws spent in Bjrliu boing Sun day wc had un oppjrtunity ti witnes how it iè obsorved. Ia a populution oí about 80,000 only about 5,000 aro Roman ists, so that it is essentiaily a Protestan) city, yet a lurge proportion of all kmdb of trades and avocations WöIJB carr'u 1 on in a quiut way. All houses of business were not open, but fully ono-half of al! rotail dhops, express offices, banks anc agenoios, wem doing business, but to inuch loss extent and with far loss bustle than upon week days. The aftc-rnoon frotn about '2 o'elook, was more exolusively given to relaxation and pleasure-seeking in the gardoas whioh muet one at ev ery corner, or in tho larger public and club-house parks. Of courso in the morning churches were open and were wel] attonded by worshippors, who probably, in most cases, minglod with thoir less devotional fellow citizens at the gardtms or parks in tho afternoon. Yut, notwithstauding this seeming variancu from our views ot' tho Sabbsth duy's proprieties, suoh was the ordorly and happy demoanor of tho masaos that it was diffioult to say that, to a peoplo with similar traditions and oducation, this might not be a very harmloss way of koeping a day of rest, especially to that largo proportion of thom who froui Monday niorniug to Saturday iiight know little of lifo but its labor anrl cxertion. Before quitting this pleasant city I may say that in point of cloiiiiUnoss it cim vio with tho bost citics of our Weatorn civilization. On Monday, Juno lOtli, ourselvos and a dozen or more of stcainer acquaintun ces repaired to the Bahrthof 01 station for our various deistinations into Deutsohland. Under the railroad systcm here adoptod persons once seated in the car can not bo orowded, as the spaoo allotted to each compartmeiit is ampio, and the; only diiFerüncc in substantial oomfurt tween the first and sccond classes is the nllowance of six sittings in first olass and of eight in seeond. In uil tho cars we havo ocoupied the cushioning is mach softer than in our Amoricnn cars, rihI this cusliion extonds c,uite nbove tho hoad, gononilly with supports on eithor side for the urnis and hoad, inaking an oxccllent substituto for a sleeping car in night travel. Our palaoe ilrawing room cars iiro more elogant, but not inoro comforta ble. Of the third class I can not spoak, bough mony respeotable poT - ! pythem. The country from ij011fur as Minden israther love], unt1 ,en a a good agrioultural regionlaok.1 ouliar charm of tlio rural aroh't further north. Frora Minden to Gu a more rolling and soxewhat hm, face is presented. Grapa culturo „f" its appearanoe, and castles or towers are socn upon many nioro' nent places. We arrived at C,l0, 6 P. M., and had our fi„t sightu' BHne, where I for the preeut bid good-by. J0 J-M.W. Amono the most P'istwt oppon of the noTuination of GiiEELEYand li by tho Damocracy was Senator Stock" of New Jersey. Ho gave no countcaj"1 to tho project from the hour of tbeir " ination at Cincinnati until the n-núl"1' the büllot at BaHimore made Gkeei Erti Democratie candidato for President ü Senator SrocKTCN exhauBted the op " tion before the decisión of tho Dem cy of the Union in National Convenü"" assembled was determinad nd docltt and then yielded obediencu to tho ia table. In a letter to the Newark Jou J dffiuiiig his present status he snys: " Xow, sir, sinee the high co'Urt of tL party bas spoken, thore can be no fit ferenee oí opinión among Dc-mocai Tarty tisago, as Kl as tho Lighwootó erations ot patnotism, will unte ., Demócrata of New Jersey bs 0110 man their nominee; and I 'loubtnotthjtN Jersey will cast hor vote i the electo! college for Horace Greeley. fnti by tha Con vet;1 ion it was plain duty to oppose him and vote for ocrat - now it is my duty t0 the ' purillud liberty of in y country; to tk CoiiHtitution which I ani boUDd to n toot against its violator.i to indivïdaaï liberty, whioh luis bein dsstrojedbyfotT netvuctioia of the nuiniilme..t, tl tho Constitntion ; tothe grat fumliimL al doctrine of local self governnieñt rio. lated in all the States ; to the freedoa of electioua ; to the snprernaey of the gM over the military power; to the cjju of reform against the universal corra, tion Burrounding the present Administré tion -to uso all honorable mcar.s in D. power to defeat the re-election of Genenl Grant by securing the election of Boraw y. I trmt and believé that thoie Demócrata libe myself, vrho hivü ahstam: any uiovement oatsideofthen. ty orga.nizat.ion, will uiiity aa one nmj j0 tuis sacred duty, atul show that the ola rty van stil!, as heretofoie, mako a sacrifico of all pre jodie awl pt.' sion, and erin join with !1 patriotic zens to preserve at least sucli liborty u ba been left to us by the usurpatioa! of tho KepilblicHU Conresstonalcaucusjiij tlio juilittiry power." Wc commend this frank and msnlj languagü to tho3o Demócrata of Washt. naw Ctranty who hosituto to accept the sitüatioii or who let thoir prejucücesomrule the stern logic of evonte. If Ssnatori Bayakd, Thubman, and Stocktok cm support GREELEY and BB0W3 no Dsmoerat in Michigan should soruple to gm thciu lAn voto. A fulï,-i;i.o-k:.i Gkaxt liejabícsn of thö Methodist p rsnasion approttlud us a few days since, and a marj twinkio iu h3 oye, ikod : " Are you Christian aowadays'r " The reply wis, "Tti but ve clon't set' the cxiict beariug of ths romark." Our darkened visión was enlightenod when ho nddncl : " You knot tho test is, 'love youron -mies, bless tinto that cursü y.,-.i, do good to themfhüthsle yon,' etc. Wj toyj{, ani ns-vrid cm anxions frioud that we 1;. iuwsrs huid, dóapite defamatioo :).'. slander, ihi'. Doruocrats worotrua Christ;' oís, and that íli generous and general support of GitEEi.EY and Biïovx oujht to coiivincü every fair-minded man of tl corr ictnesa of the potion. He evidentlj agreed with us : at lenst he fai!l to ptt in :i rcjoinder and " acknowledged ti corn " by hia BÜence. - And now, after ra-roa'ling some of tho " Greeley gems" wbich certain Eepublican journnls, from pure and imtdllBS8, koep standiug st the hsdë of their editori.vl column), we t y convhicod that wo wcre right The Fourth Anmial Rc-Union of tb 4th Michigan Cavalry is to be held t du : Ciuard Armory Hall, Adrián, Tue(iay, August 27th, in conmodon with Ita annual re-union of the 18th Infantrí' The two regiments will hold snpratebosinera meetings, but will joiu iu b union dinner at tho Opera IIouo.


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