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A Mosey Raising Buddhist Priest

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- A Shanghai newspnper teil tho story of ingenuity on tlio part of a Bnddhist priest in raising tlio wind thtvt would do credit to the most indefatigable agent to a missonary society. The objcct sought to ba Ekccotrjplighed was to raiso funds to crect a temple ut Soochow. The subscription had dragged along for ten yoars, and tho sum necossary to bo raisrd was 1(1,000 tael. Tho roügious eutliusiasra of the Chineso is not grtat, wo are told, in such oasen, and only 3,000 taris liad buen subscribid. More encrgetic nicaus was neccBSavy. Agents won; Hont everywhero, Imt ovorywiicri! tho Chinese wore found to b unwillina: to part with thoir monny. A Buddhist priest, with a devotion worthy of thfi cause, rosolved tostiuiulfitL1 thü piety ot' the i'fiithful by a memoralili; exttmple. He gavo out that he would allow himselt to bo shut uj in a wooden box for Beven days, dwing whioh time he would neithei eat nor slucp. This he did. The box was two feet und a half long, fíve test and a half high, and jast wHo onough to pormit hini to stand in it. Thoro wero ehelvcs within to servo aa resta for his anus. In order to provo that thco was no trickery in what he did, he invited tho nativos to bring locks - and thirty padlooks wore actually uscd in faatening hiin in. Tho box was closed entirely, loaving only a few holes to supply tlio inmate with air. It was plsoed in a room in the templo of Hoopoh Boad, and ïnany Cliineso wout to visit it, night iind day, during the n days of voluntnry detention. Other Buddhist priests outeidc kept up a constiut wrios of roligious cxoreiso. Tho fanatio boro his sovou days' ppnance with much fortitude, haviog taken (uring that time but au oocaaional gin's of water, and oamo out of the box at last having appareutly suft'erod littlo from his prolonged abutineuco. The box was thnn broken into a thousand pieoes, was sold for moro than its weight in hí 1 ver, by whioh mearía a sum of more than 60,000 taels wai raised for the pro posod templo. A printer was once looking for female apprentiodf, and aacosted a man thu : " Mr. .Tonos, havo you any daughters who wonlil mnke good compositora V" "No, but I havo a wife that would mako a good dcvil." i


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