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Great Bank Robbery

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Baltimohk, August 19. - The Third National, on South Htruut, iu tiio lirait of tho oity was iobbed last niglr of $100,000 belonging to tho bank and o; uuknown amouuts buionging to private partios huving boxos there. The robbery wascoinniittod by partías whocutthrough tho wall trom un ixijoiniug atore which had becu oocupiiíd since June by a man uamed tttablor and others proleasiug to bo comuiission morehun tí. Two larra aafos in the vault woro out iuto aud robbed. A third was not eutered. It is now strtted that twenty or twonty fivo dopositora' boxus wore robbed, and tho wildoet tatemunts aro ourrent on thu stroets to thu effect that the Iohsü by dupobitors in moaeyr bonds aud other 8Hourities will ronch half & uilliou. Among tho bouds curtainly atolou ara $7.5, 000 iu City of LouíbvíUo water loan coupou bonde. Tho offioers of the Third National Bank fit forth their lossen by tha burglary as follows : 57,000 in groenbaeks and National Bank uotes of which 8 notes aro of $100 eiich, and twenty-four notes of $50 eaoh, of the Third National Bank ; and thu following bonds held as oollataral BecuritiüS : Northern Ci.ntral liailrotid, f,5G8 ; North Carolina Stato bondn, $11, 06 ; Marietta & Oincinuati Ilailroad, M,000; United State 5-20 bonds, $l,f00, Westurn Maryland Hailroad boudii, 12,001 The bank offers if 10,000 roward for the recovory of the abovo or a proportional sum for thoir partial rooovery. The individual losse of depositor hoving boxen n the vaults can not be. aftcertained, so many of them are out of town. The toul of losses will probably araouut to 8evral hundred thousand dollars, as it is cnown that soveral boxes contivining jonds and othei securities, amouting to 70,000, were takea. The ñrst floor of Gotting's bauk building, froni which an I ntranoi? was unide into the bank vault, was reutod on tho first of June by a man iving the namo of E. Wahbnrne, who id qnrtT'i lTy in ndnmc.


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