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Gathering Ripe Fruit

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Mr. Joii:ih Hoopes, author of tho " Book of Kvcrgrpen?,1' fyid a pvominunt fruit cjrower of PennsylvAnia. givei tho following advieo in reltition togttthering fruit. ííe saje : ín ivgrtrf to tho gathering of ripe fruits of different kinds, no fruit should bo taken from tho tree or plant during a damp time, and pspecially when the dew is plentiíul in aorly morning. Ncvcr be so imrriad aa to fiud oanse for ths excnüP, I had no tirao to hand-pick ray fruits, and, ■ liiontlv, was forcud tú shake tlieni off ; for such is very poor policy. Fruit so gathered will almost inovitubly decay from the effeets of bruiae. Each Bpeotmen ghould be taken frora tho tree, one by one, handitid fis if they had been bo many eggs. Tho slightest bruiBO or even abrasión of the skin is tho sui e fo: erunner of a dark spot, which will eventually chango into sonio kind of rot. Tho spores of si'(;d of fungí are ftlways roady to asaist in tho work of dissolution, and the slightest Bcríitch gives them a footholc for their destructivo work. Scaroely any vnrioty of tho lnrgcat fruits color and ripcn ko weil if leí't to porteo thomeelves os the tree, and e.spocially is tiiis truo in reapsot to pears. Sumraer vnrieties as thf'y approaofi ninturity, loos on their hold somewhat on the lirab, anc by gontly ruising the fruit thoy will oasi ly detaeh thounelTes at thp proper poriod This is fin excellent test, and may alway be ruüt:d on. To color up fruit nicely, all thnt is noc will ba to spread a blanki't on tho íloor of a oool room, and thén thinly anc ■Yinly place tho fruit on tho floor. A socond bl'nuket must be spread over them and in a short time tlio effect of thi treatmont will be apparent in the mos goldcn-colorcd Bartletts, and rioh, ruddy looking Sockcils imaginable. Ftiard por foctcd in this manner rarely have th mealin a ('t' thoir naturally ripenedoom paniona ; nor do they pnímaturely deoa; iit th coro as when lrft on the tree Peaches urn too frequently gathered be foro attaimng full sizo, and whcn this i thc caso we nced not expect good flavoi They must obt;iin tnia requisito befor gathering ; althongh it is not necossar; to delay picking until vory mellow. As a general rule, all BinaU fi-uits ar gathored too oariy ; and, as high color i not a sign of uiüturity, msiny exporioncec frnit growera uro misled. Nove i r piok strawbfiries becauso thoy ar ■ Trica on account of thei dark appoara-noo. Eaoh sbould remain on the plant for some time thereal 1 . The Albany sotidlin-i strawberr chnnges to a deep crimson hue, and gain coatiuunily in gize after its fírst colorín procoss. It is thon soft and excollen ealiiig. And so with b-!ickberries in lik mannor, many complainins of tho ox tremo tartness when the faalt was i íiühering imperfnet fruit. The Ijíiwto or Xow Rochelle variety, in particular, i delicions cating, if allowed to remain on the plant until soft, when tho slighte touoh will sever its huid Strawberrie picke'l with the calyx (iiul') adherini will alwaya c;rry bettor and Vio loss liabl to decay thün if oarelewly pulled withou lage. The íorogoing remarks in rolation t the proper timo for gathering fruits ar equally appli cable tothegrapo. Th es ally color long buforo they aro ma ture ; and thus many a novice in fruí1 culturo forma un unjust opinión of hi varietios simply from tosting unripo speo imens. Qrapoa should always be sevorec from tho vino with strong scissors or trim ining shears, and nover twisted or broke off.


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