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At Ann Arbor, Aug. 29th, Miss ELIZABETH SCHUMACHER, aged 31 years, lü months ud 19 days. BÜH Sckcmachieu had snffcred aJinost fourtecn years with biflammatovy rbcnmatiun, At timen she has bcnn nblo to move around with tho assiwtance of her arutchcH until lust winter, whatn coneumption set in, trom whieh sin1 .-uífcretl until she Oled. Oítcn throuh her laat inonths aha coughed po badly thut her friciuls wore afraid thRi shfl would choke to dciith, but she bore it all with 'patience and meeknem tmtil tho lust. Fuw leave as inuny friends to niuurn their los, but wlmt íh our Iobb íp htr fiiiin. i.iits SciiximaOHBB alwtiyH ïiiil a poorl word ïvr everybody, nud ííoo' advioe to (-'ivi-, and m my, boüi oíd and youiK, went to her in their troublo, and none left without nomo woid or OOtof consolarinn. HIk; luul ahvuys WOrkd wiÜ) bar tteedlft until sho could uot move hen hrtnds to wofk. Hit iri-niW nhv;iVH tffiod tu fmvñ herríve up hex woik but ebo nid, '-No, Imuat work while I cau ; wJio knows bow loii I in;y yrt üiijílt aud bt a burdmi t yon iU ; " Thai geemed to be hes prreatest ;i:im. ■! y, tliat tíhc was 10 iiiuvli trouble to her friendo, Kvorything wiw done for her that could be, and mnny Würo the fríeods thut callcd ti ; i i 1 j to offer their aasistance. For MVMTal weeks back sno has been conñued to hcr bcd, and auffered a great deal of pain, which Bhí bore nobly without a muimur until Thurwluy mornin, whcn hhe ciiUcd lier f riends to her beduide aiul badfl them nll gOO-bfi telüúg thom to meet hcr in II caven, whvrv .shu lunged 1o tío and was goiiitf. and ftxpired sbortly aftcr fo'cloek. She h'! her nenacs to the last, and RMgnlMd eVCTJ onê uruttnd herbednkl'. Éfhfl l-avL-s :i niother, two bruthors and four intis, and a large obxdfl of friendo in thuoity, where du hia ulwuys hvcd. Hur funeral takcs place tfaturda .vitiriiuou ut 2 u'cloek. , COM.