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Indian Massacre

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TorEKA, Aug. 31. - The Commonicecilth has tlio following startling ludían nows trom Col. 51. E. II. Stanley, from Fort Laracd, who arrivod in this city last evening from Denvor. Ho reporta that last Monday a goveranient train consisting ot' thii'ty-six mulo teams loaded with supplies for Fort Lyoa was proceeding aloiig Dry Crcck, betwoen Carson City and Fort Lyon, Colorado, undcr tho commitnd of Steve Bryim, wagon mastcr. While in the valley of Dry Crook thu train mircd in thu sand. While thus detainod a band of 200 Arapahoe warriora, ander coraïnand of thoir chief, Ijittle Raven, made ao nttnek whioh equals in outrago and feroeity any annals of lndian massaoro. The wagons wcro buiucd and all tho contenta that could be carriod off wcre taken, coneisisting of bacon, fcc. Tho mules were run oil' and fifteen uien belongi&K to tho train were left wounded or doad on the bloody field. Mr. Bryan waa skinncd alive from hoail to foot by the savages Bosides theso fifteon men were milssingt 'L')'.i;y are supposed to have been carrier! into captivity. . The train waa ander the iweort of Lieut. McFarland, of the iSixth United States Infantry, with ono liundred mea, but being uino miles in the rear at tho time of tho masgacro no protection could be aft'orded. Mr. Htanloy was with the escort, and wlien it arrivnd at the terrible sceno the garages were just rütiring over tho hill boyoiNl, whiriing their tomahawks and shoutiug in miid gleo over their ill-gotton gaiae. - Ono of Saturn's ring6 hag disaipearüd. It is ëupposed to havo been gobbled up by the White House military ring.


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