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COÏïGBESSIONAL ÍÑÓmÑATÍÓS. The followiug Democratie and Liboral oandidates for Congress havo been nominatcd sinco our last roports : John G. Parkiiurst, of Gold water, in the Third district. Gen. Parkiiubst is aud ahvays has beon a Domoorat, is a lawyer of ability, has an oxcóllent military record, will mako a good run, and if elected a good meinbor of Congrosg. Ilis district comprises the county of Barry, Branch, Calhorn, Eaton, aud Jackson, and gavo Giiant, in 1SG8, a majority of 7,610 ; and Baldwin, in 1870, 3,526 majority. ïho Itopubliuan candidato is Hon. Geobqe "VVillard, of the Battle Creek Journal. Allen Potter, Liberal Republican, and now President of tho " big villago," Kalamazoo, has boon nominated in the Fourth district. Ho is a first class business man and ought to beat bis opponent, JULITTS CSAR BtJBBO'WS. The counties of Borrien, Cass, Kalamazoo, St Josnph, and Van Bnron constituto the Fourth district. Grant's majority in thoso counties, in 1R6B, was 4,870; and Baldwin's, in 1870, 2,177. In tho Fifth district, Ooi. A T. Mc EeyN'OLDS, of Grand Eapids, well known as a lawyer and soldier, is pittod aguinst the present member, Hon. W. D. Fuster, also of Grand Eapids. Col. McEeynolds' military record covers the Moxioan nnd latu war, and is a clean one. Ilis civil record is also good. Tho counties in his district aro Allegan, Kent, Ottawa, Muskegon, Ionia. Tho llepublican majorities woro, in 18GS, for Grant, 5,386 ; in 1870, for Baldwin, 1,975. In the Bixth district, Hon. AtrorSTüS G. Baldwin, of Pontiac, is tho candiiato. Mr. Baldwin is an ablo lawyer, a sound Democrat, has served ono term in Congress and boen cheated out of ft seoond. Ilis compotitor, J. W. Beqole, has not a tithc of his qualifications, and tho result ought not to bo doubtful. Tho district coinprisos tho counties of Clinton, Geneaso, Iughnm, Livingston, Shiawassec. Tho ltepublican majoritics were, in 1868, for Guakt, 3,616 ; and in 1870, for Baldwin, 1,389. In tlio Soventh distriot - the couuties of Hurón, Lapeor, Mncomb, Sanilac, St. Clair, and Tuscola - the candidato is Gen. John II. Kiciiardson, Liberal Rcpublioiiii, who is reputod a first-olass man and likely to make COKOER'8 fur fly. These counties gnvo majorities, in 1808, for Grant, 2,185; and ia 1870, for Bald win, 1,954. In tho Eighth district - eloven counties, including Bay, Saginaw, Montcalm, and Gratiot - the candidato is Chauxcey "W. WlSNEB, a prominent lawyor and popular citizen of East Saginaw. Uo is also indorsed by tho Labor Iïoformcrs, and promises to inako livoly Trork for his opponent, Mr. Bradley. ïho latcst mGJorities in tho countica in wliich ho runs wero, in 1868, for Guakt, 2,284 ; and in 1870, for Baldwin, 1,680, At tho Louisvillo Oonvcntion held on tho 3d, 4th and 5th - a threo day meeting - O'ÖONOB, of New York, was noiuinatod for President, and JonN Quincy Adams, of Massachusotts, for Vioe-President. O'Coxon telegraphed a positivo declination, but tho conveution, in the language of ono of its inombers, thongbt it had " a good thing, and detormined to hold on to it." Adams wrote a "private" ktter, which Duncan road to tho conventioa, mlimtiting that ho would accejit if O'Goxor would. - Tho proooedings wero witliout order and markcd the whole thing t broud furoe.


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