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- The rnilrond aid bonds issued by tho United States aggregato (64,623,512, on which tho govornmcnt has gcnurously puiil interest in Cxoess of transportaron ivccouut to tho amount of #12,763,712.35, with interest over-duo of (646,235.12. At this rato of progress how long will the railroad oornpanies bo in oxtinguishing tho dobt 'i And yot Secrotary Boutwoll boyishly excludes this $(8,000,0!)0 from the aggrëgate of the uatiorml dobt. - At tho weckly roll-call of the Admiuistration at Washington the answers wero : President Qrant, - - Absent Socretary Fish, ... Absent, Socrotiiry Boutwoll, - - Absfmt. Socrotary Bellcnap, - - Present. Socretary lioboson, - - Absent. Süorotary Dolano, ... Absont. P. M. Oen. Creswell, - - Absent. Atty. Gen. Williama, - Aoeounted for. - Now that Senator and would-bu Vioe-Presidont Wilson has denied tho writing of that letter to " Messrs. Bernhard, Flevert and others, repudiating his connection with Know-Nothingisin, the Adrisvn Times would do well to give another column to tho discussion of tho comparativo credibility of Senator Wilson and Albert Piko. - The decroaae of tho national dobt during tho month of August was $10,737,635. Grant paid it, he did, out of his own pocket, and not a cent of the peoplo's taxes was uaed. To raiso the monoy Grant pawnod his presonts and won on tho Long Branch races. Tho pooplo should givc him their thanks and votes. - A Mrs. Crippen, of Billsdale, has oommenood two suits undor tho new liquor law against Hon. Hcnry Waldron, Eopubliean candidato for Congress in this district, for sale of liquor to her husband by two of his tenants. Suits havo also beon brought against tho tenants. - Ex-Senator Doolittlo has effectually squelehed tho N. Y. Timen Counatty-cotton-partnership story. Tho licpublioans are unfortunato in setting up Itcorbacks : thoy aro all knockod in the head so quiokly that tho investinont is a poor ono. - James Anthony Froudo, tho celobrated English historian, haa boen engaged for a course of leoturcs at Oornoll University. Mr. David A. TVulls and Mr. Godkin of tho Nation aro also to locturo on econornical subjects. - $12,703,712.35 : that's tho amount of interest the govornment has paid on its own bonds loanod to the Pacifio Itáilroad Companies, in excess of crodit on account of carrying mails, ifco. Good financioriug that. - The only good thing in O'Conor's long lottor read at the Louisville Convontion was that if Grant is oleotod we shall. have " meruly a blank olympiad for four years," whilo thcro is doubt wliat an aotivo Greolcy administration itüght do- Tho New York Democratie State Convention was held on Wednesday, buk adjourncd to yesterdny without making nominations. Tho Liberal Eepublican Convontion ala o met at the samo timo and place - Sj-racuee. - Tho Wortd contradicts the story tha its editor-in-chief, Mantón Marble, i rapidly failing in health. It says tha ho is recovering, and will soon bo ablo to onter en aotivo duty. , - Ilon. Heury Waldron has a list o: appoiatmonts arrangcd for Lenaweo county, making two speeches a day Waldron is evidently convincod tha! work is necessary to put him through. - The Kepublican journals of th Stuto aro making a tromendous effort to prove that Gov. Blair always did run be hind his ticket. It is strungo tbat ho wa such a popular impopular man. - The Republicana aro circulaüng Brick Pomcroy's papor among the Dem ocrats of this and othor counties. It is a Grant organ in disguiso, and not muoh disguised eithor. - The Republioans are hurrahing thoraselves hoarse for O'Conor and Ad ams. Grimt and Wilson stook is docided ly bolow par. Are thcy to be withdrawn ' - A New York Etening Post correspondent makes a Tribune "Book Review" ground for a personal attack upon Horaco Greeloy. Hard pushed. - Wendell Phillips, who a few days ago wroto that Grant had numerous unpaid liquor bilis at Galena, now advo cates his election. - Pero Hyanintho was marriod in London, on Wcdnesdiy, to an American widow, Emilio Jano Merriman, daughtor of Amary Butterfield. - F. A. Pike, who is running for Congro68 in tho Fifth Maino district, against Chandler's son-in-law, Halo, is confident of his eleetion. - Tho last argument of Fornoy's Press against the election of Groeley is that ho can't bo spared from tho editorial fraternity. - It is announced that Miss Anna Dickinson is soon to tako tho stump for Greeley. And won't aho niako tho fur fly! - Brother-in-law Dent hns been fined. $500 for assaulting tho editor of tho Capital. - Sonator Thurman mado a telling speech at Columbus, Ohio, on Monday evening. - In Torro Haute, Ind., 350 Germán Republioans havo joinod a Greeley Club. - Ten States wera not ropresentod in tho Grant-Louisvillo Sido-Show. - Be suro to road tho speech of Gen Ewing in this paper. - Tho Maino election takes place next Mond.iy. - Tweed is at work for Grant. The N. T. Evening Post says: "Mr. O'Cokoh is a man of tho highest charaoter, and ns a lawyer ono of tho most, if not tho most, distinguished in this country : " all of whioh raay bo truo, and yet his lettor to tho Louisville Convention conclusively proves that whilo getting his profound knowledge of law ho has utterly fuilod in getting good, sound, practical coimnon senso. We venture to ; assert that no man of O'CoNon'a roputa;ion has over boforo written so foolish and vulncrablo a political disquisition. ïe had botter stick to his law. The Publishers of the Juckson Patriot ïave issued in pamphlot form, tho able pocch of Hon. Atjstin Blaib in reply ;o Postmaster-Goneral Ckkswf.ll'b Jackon epec-ch, or to so much of it as discussd the Chorpenning fraud. It i&o valua)lo campaign document and will bo furished to clubs or individuals at $2 a lundred, or $15 a thousand. Orders lould bc made oarly.


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