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Farmers And Threshers!

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FIRST, I KÜk'iwl tlls ntlentlon of Threshors to thoold.rollabVi, never-falllcff BUFFALÖ PITTS MACHINE I Thot always takoa tho frout rmik at olí Throehlnj; Trials. A f uil Une of Extras coustiutlj on sdí1. SíCONCl '■!, 1 wUl cá tho attentiÓB of Faimora to my stock of REAPERS AND M0WERS! both Comulnedand Single Mower, Thu Champí n, Kiri?y, Wd, Burdick, Siriky and Esterly. I nm aware thnt therc i a head-wind from a ccrtaln ;liroctlon agaimt thc Chnmpfoii, bnt fiel r worth more tban wind. Tnkc the CHAMI'ION, teet it to your satix tsetinu, and If It fnllii to cinie to th ecrutch, return It AT J1Y KXPENóK. TUc KIRUY anl WOC'n nfu íioMi too well known to neeí cóeí menta. I Imve Tho Bl'CKEYE, tlie HOOSIER, and the SUPEÉÍOil GKA1N RILLS. I invito every farmer to cali und see tho SUl'KHIOR. It ie on entirely a new princ.'pie. Kalamazoo Plows, all sizes and patterns, steel and ron ; Field and Corri Cultivators, all kinds ; the Retnington and Fort Wajnc Steel Plows ;' Fairbank's Scales, froin half ounce to ten tons capa.citj ; Jackson Wagons, Snlky and Revolvinj Horse Eakes, Ilinge Hïrrows, Irou Forcc Pumps, for thrvwing water over dwcllings or barns from vell or clstcrn ; commou Iron and wood'Pumps lor wellá or cisicrn ; Tilfin Union Cliurna, Ilay Tedders, Hoad Scrapcrs, Grind ötones, all liinif; complete, grain and grass scytlies by the dozen, Farm or Plantatiou Bell, step and common ladders, Salt and Water linie, Machlue 011, Grain Cradlcs of my own manufacture, chaiu pumps, the Plauct small sced drill, and allsmall tools too uumerous to mention. M. ROOERÖ. fF Rember the OnAMPIOK Machino and :ho SUPERIOR Drill. 13ITtf.


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