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The Straightforward Course

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The New Vork World, in somesensiblo remarks apon the duties of Demo,-i ; , t . in the presen) campaign, Bays: Bither Mr. Greeley or (en. Grant will be President of the United 8 for fout years from next March. Tlie proper coürse for Demócrata who have no preference (if suoh there be) in thia ini vitable alternative is tostay at home on eleotion day. Butoveryoitizenwho :i ohoice between these twoKepablioans should expres it i" a Btraightforward, manly way by roting (bi the; ono or Üu othef, since there is no possibility of electing u. third candidato. [f Blanton Duucan, Briclt Pomeroy, Bürr, Stephens mul Mosby, mul oíd Henrv A. Wiso, profer Grantftr President, let them vote lor liim without more ado, which is the frank, lioncst course for thom to pursue, as the only manly course for those Democrats who don't want Qrant re-eleoted is t' for Greeley. Until tho Baltimore Convention thoro was a possibility oí' gome other suooess&il candidato againsl (irant, and up to that timo Demooratkj advocacy of a straight oandidate wa legitímate. l'ut sinco then anj further talk about a oandidate of Democratie proolivïtiea is preposteróos. Every Democratie voter belongs toonoof these three classes : l'irst, thoso who prefor Greeley, socond, those who prefer Grant; and third, those who, finding that there is no other alternative, are indifferent between them. Those who prefer Greeley should voto for him; those who aro indifferent should nut vote at all. Any other course must be either irratioual or venal, or olso prompted by a pitiful passion for notoriety. Only a natural looi can beliovo that any third candidato could bu sucCtlSül'ul.


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