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Farmers And Threshers!

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FIRST, I wlll cali the attention of Thrcshers to tbe oíd, rcliable, never-falílng BUFFALO PITTS MACHINE ! That always takce be front rank at all Threshing Trials. A f uil üne of Extras conitantlj on Jtand. St'CONDLTi I wUl cali the attention of Farmers to mj stock of REAPERS AND MOWERS! both Combinedand Singlo Mowars. The Champion, Kirby, WoodM Burdick, Sulky am Esterly. l nm aware tnatlhefe le a bead-wtnd from a certain direetion against the Champion, bnt fats worth more than wtad. CUAMl'TON, tost it to yoor atlïfaction, andif ltfaile tocoine to' scratch, return lt AT Mï BXPKNSE. The KIltUY aud WOOD aro both too wcll known to Deed fc mente. 1 have The BUCKEYE, the HOOSIER, and the SUPERIOR GRA1N DBILLS I invite every farmer to cali and see the SUPERIOR. It is on entirely a new principio. Kalamazoo Plows, all sizes and patterns, steel and iron ; Field and Con Cultivators, all kinds ; thn Remington indFort Wayne Steel Plows ; Fairbank's Scales, from half ounce to ten tons capacity ; Jackson Wagons, Sulky and Revolving Hor6e Rakes, Hinge HarrowR, Iron Force Pumps, for throwlng water over dweUlngg or barns from well or clstero ; common Iron and rood Pumps lor wells or cistern j Tlffln Union Churns, Hay Tecklers, Road Scrapers, Grind Stoncs, all hans complete, grain and grass seythes by the dozen, Farm or Plantatiou 15ells, step and common ladders, Salt and Water lime, Machine 011, Grain Cradles of my own manufacture, chain pumps, the Planet smalt seed drill, and allsraall tools too numero us to mention. M. EOGERS. r Romeiftber the CHAMPION Machino and the SUPERIOR Drill. 13TTtf.


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