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Wanted To Be Let Out

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The Louisvillu Oourier-Journal of tho 2(ith mst. relates thefollowing as ono of the incidents of the reuont Bourbon '.'unveution in thut city: The' elevator at the Galt Houso fur9 several laughable anecdotes at tho exp nso of delcgatcs. One, who oame In on the night train, registered his nmne, v.i iting Michigan nfter it with a flourish, and demanded his room in a tono that said plainly to tho clork : " I know wh&t ['m a bout. No trick8 upou travelers With me. I'vo had nxy eye-tetth cut." Ho was told to follow ono of tho c boys, who was ubout to tako hia oarpatbut gentleman olutched it with a nervous glip, and wavcd tha boy t'orward with a gestare that evidently meant : " Ho you dou't - lm too oíd for that 1" Tho politc darkoy led the way to tlic olcviitor, wondoring whether tho man ;:ything more raluable in 'nis satchel a o]ean diokey, that oauaed liim to cling to it so tenacioiïsly. At the door oí' tiio elevator tho guoatpaused aud looked in wouiieringly at tlio numuer sitting inside, and tuniing to his guido aakod, with symptoms oi' miugled uetonifihnient and üidignation : " Ia this mi rooiü, sir - is thiê my room ?" " No, sir," said 'tho boy ; " dis is io elevator. Picase walk in." Jtü was inducod to enter, and took hi-i seat among the amnsed spectators. Tommy, tho polite little conductor of that popular oonveyanoe, startod it up with ng48, when tho guest sprang to hia foot in groat trepidaüon. " Üello ! stop it I" he shouted. " Tho thingg nioviu'. Lot uio out - let ruo out ! This was too inoch for tho risiblos of tho other Oúcupanta of tho car. Tho frightened Michigander, suddonly conscious that in sjiito of iiia pretentious shrcwdness he had coniiiitt"d a blunder, stepped back apon ono old gentleman's coius and pluinpod down in anothor ono's hij', and whut with malediotions aud apologies order was not restored until he e;ot to his stopping place, where he ïneokly füllowod his guido oüt to his room and was "pat in liis little bed" to droam oi' all sorts of traps set by watohful sharpi.'is to otch innocent tra velera. ílo remained several days, but ho carefully avoided the elevator during his scay.


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