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Mr. Pendleton's Speech

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Tho following extraen are froih tho poworful speech ot (ioorgo II. Pendletoa ut Cinciunati : I havo ruad tho speeches of Hoiace Grceluy on hifl Wustorn trip. Iroüdcarofully also the speeches made at Cinciniuiti o.i Snturday. Thcy weio i'roin tbo .: men of tho itopublicun party. Thoy wero brongUt hore to follow Mr. Greéloy, to countetaót tli iufluen hiavisit, aud if pussible to deatroy, both by oomparison and contrast, tlio force of lus speeches, Oabinet offioen, military generáis and civil generala wero present; tbc highest ia rank, the highost vu thoir uwn êstimation, tho highest iu the estimatiou ot tkeii party weio hcre. Atr. Delano, Gciu rul Jiutler, tíoveruor llawloy, were put forwurd to present in th; best hape tho best pliaso of tho polioy oí' the ltüpublicuii party md its eftocts on Uu: country. 'i hey had a doublu aud parplöiing offlea to perfoim. They must at ono and nao timo laúd tho popularity and power and succoss of tho party to win your sympatliy und admiiation, undshow that it had tuücdin its work, fallen short of its promisea, and must bo oontinued in power in order to aeoomplish it. Strip thesu apeeohea ot' their verbiago and whiit ara they P I condenso thom : They teil aa thu Kepublican party has had tho entiro eoiitidenoo ot' tho people ; it has baan in po wer twelve years, yoars of war .' years oi' peaoe ! They tull us tho rebels were conquorod by forco oftmg in battlu; tho Democrats syrapathized with tho rebels and were oonqnerod by ballots at the ]o!ls; it has had absolute power iu the I'odoral and in tiiü Stuto govdincoentsi in Congresa it luid twe-thirds nrajority ; in the Preaidenoy it had the muu of' it choico ; va the jndioiary it hus found or it has madea majority of tho j-.: Se vea years have olapsed eince the war. i yoars of peaoe. S:veu yoars ol'llopublicanism. Hoven years ot' ftbeolnto party aseendency. Four years of üeneral Grant's Presidenoy . Tliis bas been it opportunity. Behold its work ! 1 theso apeeches further : We promiaea you peaco, but thoro is 110 peuce. Wu promised you conoord, but these is no coneord. We promlsed you a more perfect Union, but tliero is no hearty Union. Wo promised you freedoni tbroughpnt the land, but thora can be no i'rocdom : there must be no proscription ; there must bc disfranchiscïnont ; the South is ttill rebellioua ; the must bo suspended ; the olections must bo superviscd ; tho reconstruotod govornmonts must bo sust.iinnd ; the whites aro disloyal, aud must be subjectod ; tho nogrous aro loyal, aud must be put over thom. Tliis is thoir own testimonj'. Yet, gontlenen, aftel twelve years of powor, after leren years uf peace, this is thüir tostimony of their own sueooss- this is thoir claim, as tkoy themaelves state it, to a ronewal of power. And thoy are rilit. This is their claim. - thoir only claim. They stato it properly and faithfully. T h.-y have exoreised absolute power - President, Gongreas, judiciary ; they have dono thcir bost, and thoy havo so farbeggared the people of the South, so far cxttpenitiHl tb.; Moes; so far despxjil" d ti'o ownera of proporty and the ohildren of Lndustry, fo i'ar upturned tho foundation of civil ordor and prosjjerous labor, that they nood tho powciti of war, the pn seDce of rh aimy, tho suspension of ha . disfrancbiseraent of the strong, iption of the tünid, to curry one single (State of tho South ; and to justify thcmsclves in yooï ayos, and obtain your support, tboy do not hesitate to invoke the bitternesa of hato, and to inüuence the pasaions and aninioáities of flagrant war. Read thora moro closcly. They furnish. incontestable proof that this administration ha3 done more thau all other.-i to degrado the public service and to dobauch the public mornls. The President has appointed his faraily and relations to high offices to an extent without parallol in our liistory. I do not say becaose they woro his relativos, but I do Biiy thoy had no othor visible qualüication. Thé President bas surrounded himself with a ring of military socretarie?, without law, end in violatiou of law ; and syoophantío adhorents, whoso iuflueuco iu appointmonta and jobs has boon a scandal and a by-word. Tho President has-treated his high office as if it had boen creatod, and ought to bo admiuistered for liis own personal benefit, tho reward of his mcrit-s or his industry, and that noither his political adversarios nor the peoplo at largo have uny interest in it. The legitímate rosults of this conduct are npparent on evcry hand. Corruption pervadea eVery department of tho government. Defalcations aro as oommon as tho days. Kegleojt of duty is made universal by tho' examplo of the ii'.nt. Absence from their posts is the rulo among the highost ofiicors. The Secretary of tho Trcasury, the Secretary of theNavy, tho Rocrctary of tho Interior, tho Postmastcr-General, tho Attornoy-Ófineral - &ye of the geven merabors of the C;tljinct- iro unnouncod to take an activo part in the pending cimi in Ohio. Kvery exertion of every employé of evory office is eallüd into ro(juisition to re-elcot tho President. The expeuditures of cvery offioe ure made witib referenoe to the samo result. 1 cun no alarmist - I do not magnify I h ■ r vil piysolf. I would not exaggerate it in f.peaUing to you, but out of this geetbing masa oí corruption, deraoralization, trading in office, negleot oí' duty, personal government, military rings, vises a figure, shadowy and vague now, porteutoua of a din; calamity, Wise men of all partios havo seon tliis ofaffain - goodmenof all parties : -candid men of all partios have adinittcd it. It was thií conviction of an all-porvading corruption, and of its dangcrs, which startlcd the heart ar.d oonscience of the people, and gave riso to thu Cincinnati Convontion The Convention met at Cineinnati. It ■was cbmposed solely of Republioans- n p'.-esentative mu. It was iuaposing in numbers, uïiitod in its purposes, divided as to men. It declarad as osscntial to thepreserration of the rapnbüo that there should be rtial sufirage and general amnesty, eqn'al righti and equal protoction to áll and races of our people, local govcinment, limitations on Exeoutive power, the supromaey of tiic! Constitution over I al la,w and mi itary power. That appoal stirrod the heart of the Doinocrasic party. Politioians dobated, thoughtful nien doubted, bold inen hesi, tiinid men were iVightened; bnt the heart of the Democratie maagOB, inwitli patriotiun, answered tlio ap; Baltimoro deolared that th 9 of the country, the bes i óf onr government, the as8iïran of liborty, requiri d thisoo-opération ; tha1 the republio nivst r tained and could be adtnini an,l : itaelf and its adhereu v.-onl.l oompo 10 all minor differepces, lay aaide A party prejudices.'forget all past linite witi all who would restore peaco to our pteoplo and purity to snüemon, hum i ,:cn erinobled by doeds of al and sclf-dovotion. Men havo dared and (lied i'or their country or their God. Thoir nanu's - resplendent in the h;-; - murk the ad vaneo of racu to .1 ■ and noblpr being. Bat nuver, in all history, haa thoru buen un act of moro unseltish dovution, of purer ïintgnunimity, tlmn this of onr party. Gentlemen) !!;,■ signifleanco of this rnighty niovumcnt is- wo have been to!d - reconSiliation and purifloatidn. It ú tïii.s, and it is more. It ia - wo havo boon tolrl - a puro adtninistration of constitutioinil legislatios. It is tliis, and it is moro. Ita hishest BigBificanoe, its ohiefest value is, tbat beneath tho strugglos of party, and i?iimatiug thom, too, thero is in tlm American hoait a love of country, a spirit of patriotism, which risos in thu prewnos of tho couutry's poiil, and sponka to stiilnes:; eTSry aapiratioa oxcopt for its Bafoty. Thut spirit is nbroad now ; that spirit calis and ooDsolidatsa its foroes now; it appefila to you uil, Demócrata and Republicaus alike. Whilo it appoals to your patriotism, it proinises safety to your nal intorests ; to commurce, proteotion abroiid and freedom front cppression at hoiao ; to manufacturors, stability in i .tion ; to aglioaltaTe, cxoiuption from tho weight of in uucquuled taxation ; to capital, freedom iroui jjovernmental interferenoe, and subjeotion to the laws oftrade ; to labor, tlio free enjoymeut of tho resolta cf ita industry - and to all laborera, merchants, wanufactttrere, oapitalists, banken, professional men, tho riob rewards to bo gathered i; tlio flelda of industry thvoughout a ruunited and poacoful couniry. 'i'iiul spirit will show no weariness and ■ik no repose, excopt in triumph. It willinovüon stoadily to a groat and owning victoiy. "Wliosouver shall ill m thi'j stom) shull bo broken, but on whomsocver it shall fall it will griad him powder."


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