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Tinfoil On House Walls

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jfaper-nangings tor wuiis are Known to; ody. it is noiv proposcil to aso hüiiu'ins made of metal ; and an account of this neyr iuvention, which comes to ns t'roin Pillis, 'aas beun read before tho Soci 'tv of Arts. metal employed is tinfoil, in sheets aboutGO feetlong and frpm 30 to-t'! inclu-s wjilo. ÏUe sheets are páiilted, and dried at a high teinperatare, and are then deoprated with ïnuny different pattorns, such. fis l'oliitgi1, ñowere,geometrioal figwres, imit:iti"!is oï' wood, or lar.rfscftpcis. When :od, tho sheets tffö varnished and again dried, uiul ure then ready for salo. Tinfoil is in itsolf naturally tough ; and ts laid upon it in preparing it for the market increase tho tougbn The haiiging of t'iuse ootaïTic sheets is giftitlftr to paper-hanging, except that thi yarnisbed tritb ;t weak kind oí varnish, and the sheet applied thereto. Thus in this v::y u rouiu DI a house may bo newly painted, without any smell of paint to annoy or lütnn tho ir. mates. Moreovcr the iinfuil kcr-iis out damp; and as tho varnisb is a damp-resister, tho proteet.ion to the room is two folij. Bzperienee has sbown, also, t i..í oornieeg, mouldings, and (regular surfaces muy be oovered with tbo tinfoil as readily as a flat snrface : henee thexe is no part of a dwelling-houBe or public building which may notbo decorated with these new sheets ; and, as regareis stylo and finish, all who saw the specimens exhibited at thé roadiifg of tho paper wero made aware í.'-at tiio hi i.rtistic effocts could bc acbieved at pleasure. 1 1 HIMBI 1 1 i


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