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Aids To Digestion

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A writer in l.'iml and Waterremmd farmer that tho moro ensily food eau ba dige8ted the rumoro ra.pidly it will bo assiuiilaled to bo éinplóyed in forming i';tt and muscle, and in supplying tho o sary fuul for keeping up tho animal beat. In the ruminant", food is, ot' coursr, chewcd over a second time, and as a rulo is more ejïoctually ïünstioatoiT than is the" case with horsea aññ pigs. tttill, liowovei perfect mastication may bo perforxned, a good deal of food, especially grain, escapes tho grinding actiou of the teeth, and passes, through the stomnch and alimentary canal nridigesled. Proof of tl)is m;(j bo found La grains of oats, wbieh sctually germinate after passing through the digestivo canal of a horse. An immense saviii is effeoted ly bruising, pulping and crushing all kinds of food given to feeding stock and dranprht horsos, and tho only wonder is, v!i ü bo n:ny plever maohinesare to be pnrchasod, that the practico is not nniverally adoptod. Wo are no bolievers in giving food to animáis condonsod into a sma'il sp:ici ; bulk is in all cases esscntial to healthy action of the digestivo oí but cemoentrated matten containing highly nutritivo propcrlios may bo rendered most valuablo and eilicicrtt, by adoptiag theeasy procoss of cutting hay and straw into chuff, and mixing it in witli the condensed material. Straw, especially, nvay be utilized in t!iis way, that ander othor conditions an animal would not eat. Tho food is moro guickly and oasily pa88ed (ju to be digestea the ionger time a bonst bas to rost or sleep, and hence tho waste of material consequent upon moving about is economizcd. " l';i," gaid a sonto his father, " what int by 'cliipof tho old block?'" "Why, my son, doyóuast the question ? " " Because f was in Enfield this morning, and told them gentlemen that while hunling 1 saw fifty squirrds up onc tn e. They kept tryiBg to make me say that T did notsée but forty-nine, ,-tnd beoause I wouldn't say so, they said I was a ' chip of the okl block : " "Hem! Well, myson, tliey only meant that you weregmart and bcnest liko your pa,"


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