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At a meetins of Iho Independent Orrlcr ofOood Templara, Uie following preinlblc and resoluticns apon tbedeathof Jlrs. C. E. Jibom rere adoptcd : Wi.r.iu:. Jt bas plfeaSed AltÊifftity God toremove from oor midfti oavíeloveflalster and [Hond Mrs.C. ■■i E, and lo take froni us Olie ever faithtnl in tiedwi duty.joyoi's.inouriofcialbom, fnll of meicy and compajuion for llic unfwlasatfl und mise :; Bttlred, Tliat we, as a IOtlse, decply fecl Int loss of posaesed ft so sícrliníí woi tli. .'. 'lii:ii w..-rx(cDdour sviniKiliyto UierolativM nnd i'rientls rulled lo moni n l-r loas. .í, Tliat ilio IjOdge room i"l regalía be : ■ au :i iu;uk ot' out greatesi i ' - Kpe - W, Tbata copy Ibcse iewintioni be w;nl decoased, and aiw imblishediD tbc papers of '..iit; i;y. N. ARK : V. , G. W. COOK. '. ('om. i: W. Al.l.VX,) Tbeladinof St. Thoma1 (lunch will hoH their ninth anunal fair al ffanyslerfer's Hall, oommencing f. i n.i':--, Nov. 27h, and COntioUing ay, Fñday, Saturday, and Monday cvenincs. i. good time Ia especiad. Eefresbmeiiti of all kinds will be served oacli evcning. The public are invilcd to attend. "SlJllSE "ÏÏsiUSE. 11. W. KLLIS L CO. would cali the attention of the ownera of home to thcir line of üorce Medicines. Use WAI.LIN'0'rOX'S Purifyinf; Powdcr; the best Powder in use for Purifyingthc Blood and Preventing Disuiuc. Use WAIXINOTOIf'S Pectoral or Couffh Towders, - tliey ar; invaluable for Coughs and shonld bc used at the flrkt aymptom of coughing. All ottier medicines used in the prevailing Horse KpiiVmic aro kept by K.and aold 'ut reaaonable prices. Do Dot delay, or wait for your horsu to be taken sick, butusethe Oreat Blood Turiflcr, WALLtNtJTON'E Pnrifying Powder. AU who have Dood them testif y to thcir great worth as a Preventive of Disease. (An trance of Preventivo is worth a pound of Cure.) The best Tániment to use on the S wollen Glands and Tbroat is to be found at our store. Tflke tho best of caro of your hfrneftj kcp them ■warm iind do not overwork tlitm. Ooocl care and plenty of rest vr'ül go far toward decreasing the numbcr of tsick homes. HcReynolds, Harriman & Hamilton's Insurance Agcncy. NO. T, MAIN ST. Our Campantes are Safe and Truaticorthy. From tlie llttPKniAL. ï nm advised by telegram from the Tíesirtrnt llnnii' ger, that tho " Iniperial'd" not loss by the BosUju Kire isunly aboutonemillifin dollATft. 'J'hi a&Lount, it will be dlMOnad, wles than tn percent, of the iivuilublu aiMcte of the Company,un when paid, will atill teuvo the " Imperial, by BOVen luiilious of dölhus, the Btrongest Fire InsunuuM Cum I;iny uoinr hnirinflW in tliis ncniiitry. Our Ageats, thcrefore, and the public, oeed fiad n aneasiiMH in rcferenee to tho future jouih(; aikl sti Itilily ot tliir (;om]any. Itwill, aa tof ore, pur rae the weo to&ot of U way, nnaflected by the lio ton Jrïrc. Yours very truïy. El GBNK í;AIÍY(GcnernlAgen Jt-'roin tlic Connocticut Firc9of Hartford. 11 Cttpitd untouchcd, with n hundsome surplus ofte payisg uil Boston Lowes." From tli e Alp4 of Krie, Pa. V " ltoston loss lus Uiaii %mtW.W Fundö all in h:in Ut puy." The "Michigan Statu," of Ailrian.h&d norisksi ] lAeioii. Mis. C. M. TONE i vgiving fnstaraotions laOÜFaintljDg ai 268ooffa Kift Mrvct. Any dfisiring tesunsirc iuviiu.1 tooall&ni rexamixw tu t paintings, 1Í96


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