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Fattening Turkeys

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■The soason is approuehmg when tho turkeys aro anniially sacnticed to celébrate the thanks for jast murcies and tho return of tho waniliiits, or to graco the festivo tables of of the Christmas-time ; heneo any ide;is ■which may givo moro luscious fat to the lionoiod gobblor, or mako him accuinuïate it moro rapidly, aro of great moment. üno papor recornmemds for this purpose that a liltlo powdered charcoal bo mixed with mashcd potatocs and corn-.moul, and fed to them, whilo another says th:it a littlo charcoal is bennficial, but it should pot be given constantly with tho food. Tho juiciest and sweetcst poultry we ever tasted wero fattoned on broken rico ; and we have lmowu a rich nutty flavor giren by a few pea-nuts fpd occaaionally with gi'ftin or other food. Hulled cotton seed hu a similar effect, but not so fino a ílavor ; too niany of either will inake tho mout oily. - N. T. Times. ■■-■ -■- ■ Tho inereaso of tho jjroduction of pig jnchil in i'.af Uritttin froni the yoar 1810, when the proSuotion was but 17,000 tons, to 1S71, when it roaohed (,000,0()0 tons, and also in the United States, whero in sixty-ono ynvrs wo have iucreascd tho producüon frota 53,000 tona in 1810 to early 2,000,000 tona in 1871,


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