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The Chairs Of Society

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Somewhere in Lis "Dunciud," Popa speaks oi' being "Stretoh'd on tho mcl: of a too easy chnir," but wi; feel quite oortain that at tho timo at whiuh ho inado tho remark tbc was not visiting in a parlor furr.i-il ïnany modern parlors are. Not that our company rooms nru delitutü oi atcly cushioned and spacioua theso ore generally i'or shuw, ior occaaipnal use by the fawily, or for thi somo favored guest. Even at a litÜi ening gatheTing it seldom liiii ; . all the company can diop into ■ oreólas. The soats that tl i ity ot' tho party must oeoupy aro instruments of toï ture generalij knowa "reueption cliairs." 'i .; thi.y Ore OÏ chcap or eosth muy be of elabórate or plaiB O alwajs, iu(l without they are ! adaptcd to look at than to sit upcu. Tor Bome roason - occult to tho ordinary mind - thesu chiiir.s un; so mado as to requiro a cortain amount tf physical cffort ■ part of tho:;a sitting in them. There is no such thi igaios rosigning ono's bi tlieir Bupport - it woe not intesded ai iuipossiblf. Ou such a ohair ono mu a httle independent. Ho must su, lii.i back, or ho must balanco hiniEo'i', he must do something for himself - il not do to depend upon tho chair. backs of theso chairs aro genorally bittur enemies of oase, so rauch so, is their aa hair-cloth shirts or pobbles in the shi ïhey havo either a carved ornament vviiioh irritatea ono's lumber vertebras or a cross-bar that cuts into the di portion of his spine, or knobs whi:. ïont hiá slionlder-blades, or vertical or diagonal rods that render him iniserabïo all over his back. And tho seats a: ways too small or too hard or too peal: or too Blippery to allow of any consi: tion ot comfort. And yet theso are tli chairs that wo purchase expressly for our ■ "'T'.y 1 Is it not possiljle Ihat a sot of chairg raay bo tasteful anl grateful and nppropriate to tho fumishing of a parloi, yot havo oomfoitable backs and seats . ablo to sit upon ? But if tl o chairs wero casier peoplo might stay too long ! After all there ia something in this consideration, whioh may ba at tho bottom of the wholo mat


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