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Tho farmer, be his sores few or mam, ia his own toaster, and tho director of his own enorgies ; moro than the mechanie, inoro than any professional man, ' . ie at liberty to gratify Lis peculiar tastea and to oarry out his own plans. He is allcwed a wido choieo of' occupationa while being a farmer ; and without any serious break can chango from stock-raising to grain growing, from bee-keeping to vinedressing ; and then if tho chango is fonad not picasant or not pruilt can i;i his nriddle lifo go back to tho oiie with which he 1; So, too, tuero is no businefs in which a young man of ciiergy can so easijy cngagtr on his own accoun1. Ev n if hs ren s a farm ho is mon.' indipe├╝dent tha-n iho meclianic who works all his lifo tor au employer. Uut witk a homestead to bo had ahnost for tho asking, there is no nood of this. Ho can become tho possessor of B homo and farm that a patriarch raight oovet, and thenccforth bc au the most indepondent of men, Tho mechanic who is not n, matter workman lacks the stimulus to exertiou that a man has who is Working on own account, His identity is lest in t:. crowd with which he works. He never establishe8, in the fullest srnse of tLo word, a


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