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He Couldn't Drink Wine

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There was a nobio youth who, on ceing to tuko Tvinc at the table of' a famous statesluan, in Washington, had the moral courage to refuso. He was a poor youug man, just beginning the strtiggle of life. Ilobrought letters tothegreat statesman, who kindly invited liim to dinnor. "Xot takc a glass of vine':'" said the great statesman in wonderraent and surprise. "Xot a p 1 of winer" echoed beautiful and fascinating wife, as she arosc, glass in hand, and, witfa a gr.ioe that would have ohanned an nnchorite, :'d to press it ujion i "No," said the heroio yonih, resolutely but gently red glass. What a picture of moral randt ut w 18 A peor, f ri endiosa youth refu vvino at tho table of a wealtby and fam.itfcinan, oven though profFerod by the fair hands of a benutiñü lady. tho noble young man, and his voice trembled a little and I flushcd. "I never drink wine. but- he atralghti nod himself np and his worda grew firmer) - ifyou've gut a little j old rye whisky I dont mind tryingüsuiiter!"


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