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A correspondent of the Cincinnati Qazclte says: "It is announcod that tho wives of Cabinet olh'cors will not return calis this winter, but will hold reception8 as usual. A catalogue of ñames will be kept in boots furnished for that purpose, in whieli callera will writo thoir addresses, and trom which tho list of invitations will bo made up. This, I am surc, must bo considered by all as a step in tho right direction of social reform, and onght to be encouraged in overy quarter. The rules of social etiquette are very severo, and au infringouieut of thoiu is not allowed to go buked. ïho members' wives aro oxpected to cali íirst on tho Senators' wives, and the Senators' wivcs must in tuin first visit tho wivcs of tho Judges of the Suprcme Court and tho Secretarles, uiid all ïnüst first pay thoir respect s to tho ladies of the diplomatic corpsi Tho President's wife is not oxpected to visit at all,but all must pay court to hen These Httle particulars hnvo to bo strictly adhered to at the 'Ecpublican Court,' and woo be to tho on who dares to neglect themj


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