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Gentle Words To Horses

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Tho ridiculously loud tono of voice in whieh orders aro givcn to horseg when the driver deaiiee them to start or stop, has often been n subject of surprise to ine H horses wero next thing to deaf, tbero wonld bo an excuse for tho shoutings and yellings eo general! iadulged, but they ari not, and therefote need noS be spoken to so loudly and harihly. Tho car cf a liorso is very sensitive, and savo in exceptional cases, it is possible to control his ïnotions by a comirmnd given in a moderate tone cf voicc, just as readily, and indeed, I tUink moro readily, than whero this rough rudo manner is üsed. A horsa is a tenchablo animal, and Í3 ahvuys affected by kiad treatnu nt. The fact of ïhO matter is,, thatif kind words and gentío trotitmont throughout wero givi.n these noble animáis, rostead of oiiths, corpas and blows, we thould find thoir docility greatly inereased. Just imagine, if you wil!, a geo ! or vrhoa ! uttered ia a tone sufGciently loud to be heard h;lr a milo distant and this com mand given to an animal within five or ten fcet of the party giving it ! Wherein consists the necessity for it ? "Why not resort to more rational and certainly more plensins means V Why no', speak in moderate tones? This is all that is required. The horso, if not deaf, enn horir it, and wil! ai re-idily obey as if given in thundering tones. Ono of tho best managed teams I havo soen was controlled by the driver without the indulence of this unmusical yelling. Tho driver rarely ever spoke above his ordinary tone of voine, and yet hia horses iaid into their work with as much willingnRSS, nnd ipparenily greaterearnestnes.i than if they had been driven to it by fearful bhoutings and blows. Let me appeal to the coinmon senso of your roader in this particular direction. The horse is intelligent animal. None of the bruto ereation more readily nppreeiate kind words and kind tre;itinent. Sueh f'acts should bo considered always by choso who Iirvo the care of theso animáis.


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