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Beef-eating Blanket-makers

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Tho protected laborer in tho Lmted States has to work 011 nn average seventt'Lii hou longer to buy a pair of . pound bianketï than tho pauper laborer of Europa. It' o break the monopoly ot' home blaxtket manufactarera the American laborer cmi hwy hh blankets wil (ame ainouut oí labor thtt the Eurofean laboror bas nuw to pay, and with scaroely .i!iy !oaa to thu l'reafltiry. The ftTerage trages oí' a day laborer in tho United States are $1.75 per d;:y of ton lioiirs - 17 1-2 cents per ttoofj ' ' of a pair of fire-pound blankets in New York, .$0.50. In the country tliey cot moro. It then.'t'ore takel us nesr iu poieible thirty-8CTeO and one-sevftnth lioursto enrn a pnir of blankota. In ïlnglaad thn avcrago wages of dny laborer are 4 flhillinga a day of' eight hours, or mxpi neo tr;r hour. The oost of a pair of pound blaaketi it 10 .hillinga. It therefore takea the Kagliah luborcr ouly twenty i work to earn a pair of blsnketa. To put the comparison more clfcarly. Tho protected Americnn liiborer works for a pair of blanketa thirty-seven and one-sL'vcnth honra. Tho iiiiuper Knropcan laborer works for a pair of blanketï tvvinty hour?. Tho laborer does uot need now blnnketa cvery week or erery month. But ho does continually need hoe?, clothiug, hosiery, cfockery, cooking Btensile, needlM uii',1 jiir:s fur hia wife (includiii; lmirpinu, on wlioh the Ulustrions tium Sooppr got the dut y incrensed from 30 to 50 per cent.), epool-thread, and his extortionate rent. Ho cannot spare UTesteeo lours from thy sixty houri i reek whioh constitute his solé capital and stock in tradf. lio has no balance. If ho stop.i work sick or well, ho must depend on e'.mrity. Wu only get $l:J,000 rerennc frora blankets, and thoso of the fincst kind. We uso .0,000,000 worth of blanktt?, and we kooi) tho duty on them to enrich fi few blankei making milionairea. If blsnkketa cunte in freo theso inüionniroa would bo ponr nnd tho reTonne would lose a paltry $13,000, bnt tbe ehamefal swinLlit" we Imve exposed would bo done awsy, and (ho Aiutrican laborer would #et hi blankets for $'5.50 i pair. Wo. commend this exposuro to suclt memben of Congrett (is havo tho senso and spirit to act ttpon


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