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QEFY SOAT BNQEBS l ACTOW & FLOWERS, Wou'drespectfuHy infnrm the ci!i; nt Ana Arbor tbat ihcy me prepared to cle.-m OUT HOU8E8! And remove alf kinds of Rubbiah ftnd Xuisfmcea, on short notice, hihI at the most liberal p Addreaa all orders to Box 773, Aun Arbor, Micfi. MOS AOTON & PLOWER0. SB. A. TSASKS Magnetic Ointment FOR TUR CURE OF IÏTFLAMMATOEY DISEASES. -- I)ri Traste wafl angaged for twenty years ïnr i XNirse of experimenta apon the modlcal propertiea and posver ji ve pu tables, separate &nd comblned. Af. of soveoty yeara be Biicceeued In proaeaÜAg ürid, as the rosult of Ui - oxperlments, a comtlnttiOQ T Vegetablo extracta, the powor of wbich n rumen m is aaoqpaled su thu auuaU of tíedícine. I3is diMnovcry oasi3it in acorablnátionof twerfUl Vegetable Extracta with Blectridtjr or tfsgnetietn in the forniüf an üintnicat. Ccrtaiu, t Is, tiiat t3ae rermmicaM cduntcd BuecoM woicb ban Qtteudod Iteapplication in Sao cun; of dlseasotff Btamps Itatooco :ts UiofffbatCBt Uscovery 'f ttie age, and t-üls for ü triaï and cloeo u- liLon of fcta propertles. It novor f.illf, while thorn remnins sufliciont Lf e to restore a uatttral and hcalthy action ti fllary vesscla of the body, uaé quallse the circulaton (f t!io blood. Hy tala nieana aoontrolliog power eatnod over tho ino?l malignan t forma ofdiaeadc, c tanot bc obtalned trom any other remedy. S iiiíIí la tho po wei ol Hiïm oombination, tbat it pduotrattii to every portion o the baman Erame; every bono mul másele, vein, ñervo and aitiiit is ftearehed ont and madü sunslblu of Ita pmrjfy:!;■; and b Aftng tnfluenco. Bcnco It copes as readily witli Intorual a-s external dü NnhSerotÊÊ Inntancc are on record whoro ■ ly ii -.; restored bealth to patlenta f? near thu nave c knoet powerfni Interna! remedies failea to prodaco anjr eflbet Such baafreqaentiybeea Lu lnil uama tlon of Uie Bowela. No patiënt ever lU'rddlo with this diaeasc where the Uaguetlc Ointmcnt-e&n boobtalnod. For ïuftammatory KlietimatlMm thla il Is the most complete remedy evorpn I la or Putrtd Bon Throatlt ta unrlvaled. ïsi iino ly-nliae casen out of a I&iiiidrcil, It v.'üi a:ib:-.i enttro relief to the woratcaaetof Hervoo lieotlachc; In thirty mlnotes, For Norvous Uiscases tiiis medicino is of ■ vahío, AHVriiinof tho spïuo, RhenmaUsni. T(?,mc: s iro Throwt, Bronchitis, r: Croup, ■- Moihus, in ilie Pace oí B lm, Bcald Uead, Sorofum, Balt Rhenm, Ery c wil 1 relievea by tlio use ui Dr, Traaka Magnetfc (iiutment. D. Ranío, & Co., Propr'?, Btaffalo, 7. Y.


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