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WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELRY, SOLID SILVEII A5D PLATED WARE TABLE & POCKET CUTLEEY, SPECTACLES, PANCY GOODS, ETC. C. Is & Sons, No. 11 South Main St., HAYE JUST EECEIVED A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF THE ABOVE NAMED GOODS. NEW AND ELEGANT PATTERNS, A fine stock of Ladies' Watcnes and Chains, Fine Gold and Plated Sets, Rings, &c. CALL AND SEE US. OUE PRICES AEE AS LOW AS ANY IN THIS COUNTEY. OP WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELRY, Exocuted NeaÜy and Promptly. 29! 50 ! who wlll cxplain this simple Men, Anu tsll as wlll il pay to cali :it tbe Ms 20 ! what mean thoso mystlc letters threOi Over brau new grocery- 42. O '? C for Credit and Dlr dun ? Thut'j llio way business is olten done : Hut that's nnt the way to rciul tho sii:n Of L. (JÜLUif, who êuIIs procedes at 29. C ie for Cabii : for the goo(;n he eclls eo choap, 'Tis bctit y to bny them ilicrc your moncy tt keep. C. O. U.-Cashim DMvery-Uii is tlie way He is able to nell so luw and Dtke it pay. He bas uo bad dabtfl to tnake him cross, Or tax yuK more to up Ui loaa. So lliat's the place to buy yynr food, lic wil; t 11 It cheap, aml y'ou wlll ttnd lt good. At the C. O. T. Oroccry yoa wlll Iwnys flnd Th best of üoffde aii'l 'IVis oTall khds Witli ayar, t"0, and fresh, rlpe fruit, Or caont d, or dried, all tastM to snit ; O'atiffes, Lemons Kla and ItattAD Pears, All the calces ibsttrae orihnib oftroplc bcars, NutP.raiHins and various kinds of Caudy, Tbat chiklren love and mothera flnd bo haudy, To ki'ep ou lüliitl a lmlríeu sturc, # A " tick " of this will move then moro Than tho oldfnhloned "rod" imrfathers sed, Wher. r.hi'.drcn were plenty and o:ton abused. He hs all kind o( Provisión the ptlatt to picase. Kinh, bncou.flour, bread, butter uud checse, Cookica and crackers, cherries. chocolate and cake, Thlnge to boll, I'ry, roast, stew. btoam or bake. Ho has paean, peannts, primes and plekte. To coax Ihe appetite, o capí icioua und ückle. Ha hal glanmtr, crockoy. andvessels ofstonc, PreDCh Lastral Soap- the beat ever knowu ; Tonacco and cteara, boih for cbswlng and smoking Aod oever wl!i frown if you hnnld Be Joking. And many otlier thlBffa too DDmerolM to incntion, All of wliich to aell cheitp J'ur cash is h8 íuteuiiou. Then cf'inp, pood pcoplc, one ntjtl all. And ;ive tho O, o. 1). (rroeerj a cali. 0"nie try our prlcttf anit try our w:Lres, Por In our pronta the huyer sharct. You pay tin; ensb for whut. you get, Willi m tftrlffoD losaes to rnake you fret : ln.ii't wit for credit, thOQKh your a millionairo, But buy yoor groceiiefl lor cah ai prieel f.ür. Come Crom t li - country and tbe town, Prepared tobay aud pay i' dwiij Cnmo, ricb and poor. como black snd ffl i'.e. You will il iid provllODS plenty and prloea rlght, (!omi', ïriemls or irant and menflê of rei Shake hands ut 20 and trade C. O. I freely. A NN AEBOE AND LODI PLANK EO AD COMPANYTbe umual meetinj? of the itookholdon of tbe Ann Arlxir and l."li Plank BoadCompany,tor thedeotion of Director fop Uw enming year, aao ftw sueh otber business as nmy properly come befovo tho nw tii:u-, will bo hol.! it theoffloeof the Company, ova i Abel's store, in thedty of Ann Arbor.on Tuesday, tho Tth day of Januaxy, 18T3, a -' o'oloek p, m. of i lid '1J' SESMOS B. COLE, Treasurcr. November 20th, 1B7S. imtA riMÍK PLACE TO (ÍKT YOUK NEW STYLF.S OK 1 DrcsïTriminiiif.isat ihcFarraors' Btore.


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