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Wintering Cows

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An ordinary-sizod cow will ent about 200 Ibs. of hay per weck. In the dairy distriots of this State it is cstimnted that it rcquirrs two tons of hay to winter a cow. Whcre hay is worth #20 por ton at KB, us it is whero wa reside, tno expense of winterinr a herd of eows tako a slice out of the profita of the dairy. Bat wit.h iis, whilo hay is comparatively high, grain is obeap, nnd corn-stalks and straw abandant and of good average qmility. Cows also sell for an unnraally low price. We do not advise those of our readers eiinilarly situated to buy cows and winter t'iem in hopes of mnking u good thing out of it by selling them at a high prioo in the spring. They may or they may not make luoney by the oporation. But we tluiik that we are perfectly saf i in recomraending thoso farmers who havo plenty of' str:iw nnd Stalks not to sell their cows ; and if thoy will need moro cows next suinnier, we think they can buy now nnd winter theni over to good advaningo. A cow will eat say three bushela of chaffed hay per day. Bo far aa bulk isconCOTDed, wo mast not vary much from thi standard. In our own oase, howover, we would feed 2 3-4 böshels of chaffed straw and stalks, half a peck of brau, and half a pock of corn meal per day. AVe think a cow oan bu wiutercd botter and (with us) far cheaper than on hay alone. If you Iiave plentv of clover ' hay it may tako the place of the bian, But do not try to winter tho cows on straw and atalká alono.


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