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After The Fire

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TThile fur aloiig thp MJrtern nky 1 siiw the fl;ys of Havoo lly, As il his foroca, would HflBftuIt The Boven urn of the nlnny vault; And Inirl 11 im biick the burning ruin That searred the citïcs of the pluin ; 1 raad uk on n orimaon p 'J'Le worbt ol IaraeTi Bccplflped sage; For riches maie them wings, nd they Uo íis un cugle fly uway. O '■isiop of thftt filn-ploss niffht, Whftt bue hall pamt the raocking light That buriiPd Hnastained the 01 i nt udM ■Vhore pencelul mormug lovoa to ribet As if iho sim h:id lost its wuy And dawned t makc a sccoml day- A,boire dow red with ücryplow ïlow dHik to thosc it wke below í On ppof ard vnll, on dome and Kpiro, Fluhod the fatoe jewtls of the Ure, Girt with hcrl-tli. of glítteiing panes. Am! crowneri wiih Btrry- 1 axnlng vanes, (mr Northern qaeen ii glory tlione With ik'w bom Bplendors not her i-wn, And stoodi transflaured in our eyea, A victim dtcktd oï raarlftcfl ! Tbe rtoud stU) hovera bwpi And siill the midnight aky is red ; As the lost wandel er trnys ulone To BeeV the placa he called hm own. His doviuuu fooi print :ic"ly teil How chnxiged the pathwayi known w wtU ; The .-cene, how Qew ! The table how olu Ere Vet Üie asliea liave grov.á cold I AgaJn I read tho worde that cnme W rit in the rubric ot the flamc; Howeei we trait to mortal things, Each bath ita pair of folded winga; ïhoiigh kmp their terrois rest nnepread, Thfir ÍHtl plomea art never shed ; Ai laat, :it l.isi, they ptretoh in flight, And Mot the day and binst the night ' HopE,-only Hop, oí nll that clings 'Ajóuna us, never npreada her wuiga; . ', tlioiii:]i hö breuk his eatthly chain, 8üli whiptxa i-i -,viu come again ; lint Kttitli, that loara lo aeefe tito alcy, sluit! ttmch ■ ula tu tly And find, beyonrl Öw snikkc and BAme, 'Ii.j ctoudk'bfí asura ".vlicnee fchcy oaffle.


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