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A State Ruled By Women

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Among tho Holland possessious thern is a remarkablelittle Stata vrliicli, in it.i constitution and tho original customes oë its inhabitants, surpasscs the boldost droama of American emancipation ladics. Upon tho Island of Jaya, butween tho citiesof Batavia and Samarang, lies the little kingdom of Bantam. Although. tributary to Holland, it is nn independent Stato, politically without importance, yot happy, rioh, and sinco tiuao immemorial, governed and defended by woman. Tho sovoreign is indeed a man, hut all tho rest of tho government fcelongs to tho fair sex. Tho King is en - tiroly dependont upon his Stato Council, composod of threo women. Tho highesb authoritiesj nll Stute qffieera, court i':inotionaries, military comiuanders, and soldiors are, without oxception, of tho femalo sex. Tho men aro agriculturista and morchauts. The body-guard of tha King is fürniod of tho feinali elite. These Amazona rido in the masculino stylo. woaring sharp stoel points instond of apurs. They carry pointod laiioe, which they swing vory graeefully, and also a niuskot, wlüch is dischargod at fulL gallop. Tho throiHi is inhcritublo by the eldest son, and, in caso tho king dies without issun, a hundrod elected Amazons assomblo, in order to chooso a sucecssor from among their own sons. Tho chosen ono is tnen proclaimort lawfuL king. The capital city of this littlo Stata lies in ono of the most picturosquo purt of tlui islands, in a fruitful plain, and is defended by two well kejit fortressos.


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