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S ti Honorable H RepresentHtlTVlK I I Atthu lustSep gontsoi' ' Uüivorsity, ■■ ;' Comin tt e ■ ■■ ■ ' toprepiro tv-meinona! to tbe Leglslature, setting ;'..!■! the fin ncil !;;■ ry and thé j : , rit and pi !liK "'" gtitu itted to tlviv ciisv;:". [I is wcll know ( ' Michigan tftiit rtieii' ( ibHifced )y meuns uLa Gongreisional gront of 72 sectitia of laud, selwcted with care v. hile Michigan was a Tenitory, and tbat but litiie ai í or assist&nce has over beefl givcb tor rt by tfiê State. The land has been soiri, and tibe proceeda hay been de posited iu the State treaeury. The wisc policy oí : ''"'! tt the i-.s.j of the State has prtwrved it fromloss jb bad invcstment or dishonest officials. '■ e ol tisis fond is of COun ■ i '■'■ for man y years about ?:i ■ mum, andoannotbe increased unless the Rtate volanteen to pay ív higher rate ut' interest than seven por cont. Daring the early years of the University, while the atténdance wns compara tively suuflf, the nuniber of professors and instructora E w, and the rates of cotnpmisutioii for rach serviré in tliis and otherinstitutions of leara gradu ated by a lower scalo tban now. the inco mn of the University fund suffioed for the expense, and actmittod of small annu ui appropristions towanl thu ereetion of neoded buildings, the parchase of books for the 'iil.r.iiii dona] parchases of material for the museums. Tiiü was the conditiou of the University at the time of the reorganization of the Boavd of Regente, Jamiary lst, L864, pting a debtof nearlj ngainst tUe board in ;the shape of time warrant on the Univereity hreawiry, drawin en per cent. interest, thai had boen incurred in the ereetion of a new building for the libraries and Lw Department, Assoou as tin) new Board of K gontshad timo to examine the affairs of the Universitv, they disoovered it woulil be iinpossiblë to maintain it.; nsefulness, or even to prevent its failure, unies it income COttld be inoreoeed. The number of stndents was rapiJly incroasing, rendering nouessary the employmont of additional professors an 1 instructora, addin-g fargely to our expenses, and flourishing Lnstitutiona of leiiviiiug iu other States had oommeneed öfièring irresistUMe inducomenta to some of our proti s ors to leave u . The accomm. dations of the Medical Depurtim-nt wen! só entirely inftd quate to the domauds upon. it, that tbe board vere compelled to próvido more room or soe it fail. In pursuance of a determination not to apply to tl:e State for aid till they cernid not do otherwise the board brjougbi info uso t lio last of its resources and by the ai i öf flO.OOO'genorously contribnted by the eity of Ann Arbor built an addition to tbe Medical Department building, oost ing abmit 23,000, and nanking it one of the best in the country. All of these effoits to meet thn ji: -t ei tiom of the peopli', and pressing needs of the Univereity, of cowrse largely increasod our animal expense, and when we could no longer do otherwise wo asked assistanco i'ruiü the State. In response to :i petition fi'oni the Board of Kogcnts, the Lepixlature, at its session in 1867, ordeTed a tax of 1-20 of a mili on the dollar of tb property in the State to be leviel for the use of the Unifersity On the then oxiting valr.;; of thu State, thin tax producëd h little aiore than $15,000 per annuin, but the grant encumbered with a burelen some oroviso relatiyé to the introduction of hómopathy into tae I Departxnsnt of ''"■ tfnirersitj . Re actin" as they supposed in the TJniverstty, Bnépended actionon the subject until the legislativo sessftra of 18G9, when the proviso was repealed. At that session, howevor, 'ha forin of the tax was changed trom 1-20 of a mili to a fixed sum af f15.000 per annum, and it is -thisï chango thát has compelled the Board f Regenta to apply again for assistance. The regular atténdance at the Umversity having incraased f'rom 8Ó0 in 1864 to over 1,200 in 1870, without any essential incre te of ro.'im, or of other faoilities for instruotion except in the U dies! Department, the Lejris?ature, at it:? session in 1371, approprfated f76,600 for the purpossi afje'rccting a new building for recitation and lecture rooms, chape, offi. rooms, t'oi iemale siudnfw,and a hall that woilld acco.iniiodüte all the studentsin the Unlversity, and tfce I audicnci s that oncertainoctasiousassvmble there. This building is mostly in use, nut tbe board dïd not ask for a suffioii nt fioin to lhii.-.!i and thoroughly equip' it. It has cost more than they exp cted, fl is nstwl in most Irailding enterprises. Tv-. boaro has labpred under a groat disadvantage in the appropriation, iVom thi.' fact that the law required the aid gratcd to be aeaeesëd one-half in the tax of 1S71 and one-lulf in the t.ix of 1872, instead of making a direct appropriation out of spore funds in the treftsary. The board dceied it necetsary to erect the building as won as possible, and borroivod ( in antifij ation of the tax, entuiling snrious charge upon their funds for interest, although r.o more than seven per cent. bas been paid. A general .statement of the receipts and di.huvsetnonts on account of this building iftüerewiUa given, and th Tlegents regpeotfully request that a "ïoiïimittee visit the vemiy aud sec hbwihc appropriaton has been expended. iiiima ii i intDOia ■ Rcccivrd fr m tlie Bt8 ;ppropi iliun toTüieTwrA.p.,187.. 37,fCOOO! n-ii.n ut ir.x, A. V , ,..„„, jfc, njprwid fwm. TJniTcmi gOentrcJ fond, 7,fefioo f82, 6C0 00 Thisf amount of ",500, borrowed from the öeieral fund nurt ba retnrned i'i oni sorne Bou'ice to-meet tuliirie duo January lst. mmniaxiasKF. Iorciil-tolif ccouot,, - --- 1 . ■leuahaatii ■ - " ■ For L.p.nui nd jolnei contract, - - ÍO,1 35 ï„r Ugl.tuing rod, - - - ■ - , '■ -'- For wiudow sliades, Korritii.(r. For ciji.-nt roof, ----- : torgjttüttiw. ■ ■ " " . " , KorM'atinir. - " " : . ' . ' 'iJi' l,r Intetsït on monoy b wrowftl-in ntioipationof (Biof 187-, - {Si J ftttÜMS on hnrni, ----- ■ ■■' "■■ .S'.O 00 There is an unsettled. cl(;:a for carpenter and ioiner work, ai. d unpaid balances on contraets fulfllled, ai.iounting to nearlyiï'000. The largo hall !S unfunshed, andtheexteiiofof the building is to be Oovertdwith mástic to conform to the adiacent buildiugs. That part OÍ the roof ooverod wilh eement, and costing S89, it ia feared will provt a foilu, and it. mny be neoessary to replfcoe it witn I No furthrr expenditure will be node -until anotbor appropriatiou received. For the information of the l tbo Hegents gubmit a Btatl mi ':' of the receipts and disburseinents of the Uni versi ty for the year onding June y), 1872 : ni-.r Ki n.-. BaUnumMod, -'uljl.lMl, - . '$, 08 OfUrUanuiuDt.lll.OK dar i bMonirinii to !■ Cnivitj . t - 1 Baceived from the State TreuMi theyearoii ll "' ...... temt Pnnn." - - - - - S8,3.0 CO Bmeivedof Staje, teto BPal oppjo1 II IU1IK " " ■ ' Recetad of tndent, f nd dipUinns, S lioccivcil oí TrrMi-.Mii luriiiti-iii wil i ivi i-i-y ïniMis I - bnndl, - - - 4-17 52 Iir. ved omouut rcfunded M'jra „ ,. „. Ing tand," - - - ■ " _ : $.0 ,. XIBHlTRS1.2fF.NTf. For Minne, juniioi-V wage,eto., forthe imtquHrteiol pievlousyx una nitt thiae quait or coxrint year. - - t Tor Hhr rica, yi.rconliogmtcxp:nsef, - - - - 1 . A-nnuntuo band '.o et t dit of (.cufrnl íum!, '".O" M Í102.5.H O1 ■ i:i3ui ■ ■ tte of (Iw 1 ■ ?ll SS8 sa Dmi bccinUirj of Uu board, ... t,y, id ■: I.cnvinp; as r,n netuol halnx milictrei - 4,0!;; 8S honda rf th 8f.cretarv o!' -h" "i; u Tlw : 1 1 ri' . loi tho ] i ur endittg .i am ', 1S7.,, .iw .v 1. '872, ■ - SI Tram ii.i'.o lui ..-. V.t on '.'■'■■ . v : - . J ■ - 38 f0O 00 lation, - Si. ld. :. 1US. - - - ;■ ..'I' PUruat au Treasuror's account, - , ■. - ■ - ' 1: NTñ. i' i.i 3 1 ar, - - - ' . : ■', .5' 0 OM F6r ii]SUl;u:C', ------ j l'ur liu-1 uid lililí, - - - - - ■ . ; i' v, lor i-i püiis, ------ ; For Re ' ' ' . 1 1, For otlier a,iu,-ts, -.: il1;. : ■[', $12,916 02, for whict it wül !■■ ry for tt; Legisla ture tu ntake an ppopriatioTi out of atiy fund . it will ba inipossil Jariea that will be is; July l, 1673. ïhis deficit was anti the June meeting of tho board in 1871, but ttaere !::is be a no poinl v . Dinirs could be iutrodnced to próv ■■ ■ ' to withdraw insurance, discl professors, and cease (ippropriations Eor tb e ibrarics and protection of t'.ie buildin] -:, neither of whioh did tho board teel jr.-i ified in (icing. Som e informatios has bccii obtainod as to tho relativa cost oí' maintuinÍDg tli Uuiversity and Tale and Harvard Cclleges. At oiir Univorsity we edúcate a larger numbor of studente ünin elthor ■;! the others. We jmy our professors froni $1,500 I per annum ; Yale, ■1?IJ,:00 to $3,000 per annuin : Harvard, i? 1,000 to profesión in all departmenta whi re full ■w irk is dene. The total expense oí' managing Yale Crllogo is norw than doublé th it of our University aecording to f. Rtatediont recontly roceivcd, and wi informed the oost at Harvard isatill greutit. These facts aro mentioned to show fluit tlie bouvd cunnot bo justiy accused of extravugai oe, We respectf ully ask nn appropriation of $13,000 1 o $15,000 out of añy fnnds in the ry not otherwieo appropriate covi-r thedeiieit in the revenue of the University for tho fiscal year ending Jnue 30, 187;, and tho further sum - for the completion of tho new building, that bein.'i t!ic li'ist sum (as we are informed) that wil! suffioe for that purposo, and tho restoration to tho genernlfundof tho sum of 7,000 tomporanly leut the building fund. In arklition to the foregoins;, wo reppectfui'y ask you to amend tho act gr.nnt ing annual aid to the UniTenity, by ru storing that fonu oí' taxation incorporat.'.l in the original act, viz: 1-20 of a t.ill on a dollar of tho taxa-blo property of the Stato. On tho prns;-nt Vfttuation of the; State, tin; tax will produce annually for the benefit of the University abont $31,500 until 1876, when, by tho new valuntion it wonld probably be inoreased, and tho samo result would folio w every fivo . theruafter, keepkig.paoe wifh thesteadily -ing needs of tho Univi ility of the State to supply ánd flxing ils iinances ou a substuntial basis. The Rpfjents a?sumo that tho ppople oonsider the Uoivcruity thein ana to have it inaintained su' l, , nothiDg tesa than whatis hei ■ ed for will enable ns to raaintain iï ■ pOSltion and provide University i., tor tho sons and daughtera of the Stato. TliOMAS D. C' lIlHAM A. R) Couiuiittce. Ann Arbor, Nov. 30, ÏSTJ.


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