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_________ - Accordisg to the tnstimony of Congressman Allej befope tho inveatigating oomniittee, Seoretary lioutwell hus Credit Molí i aocrued dividend? standing to his credit, he hnving neither ted nor declined it. After tho 4th bf March bo muy bo at liberty to tul;e it: aa a private citi: n. - Au inventor ia ! it tho doors of the Capítol at Washington, baving n desire tn exhibit a " talkin g machine" to to the Co igreesmen there ajHsëtubled'. - Prcsumptuous mortal ! oau he hope to compete with the nutuberof wind iustrn uicnis he will fiad in either wing f Prepostero as. - Tbc Legislatura will meet In regu. :u Wednesday next: or s tU" day lixnl for ii.-; meeti ■ (hstitutiou. "Perhaps in obedience to a "higher law" thi i maypreferto celébrate New Year"s day at tome and Let the Mtssion w.nt iis beginning a few - The jlassr.chusetts Legislatura has l i resolution oensuring Senator Saioner Lor lus proposition to remove the ! of hattle-fieldt fiom flags, records, itc. ïbe average Massaohnsetta radical don't beiievo that that thu wur is euaoi yet. - Tho L'oiuocrats of the Alabama Logishituro and certüin Kepttblioaoe propo; e a coiuhination and the oloction of Biuteed U the U. S. Senate, hoping that ho will bo ablo to oust Spencer. That's Qghtiug íiro with tire. - Dr. Xiilmago's'i'iibcruaclc, l'rooi:i r, N. Y., was burnud on Bvnday last, just lii Eore the gatkering of the oongregatioii for forenoon services, Loss V'Ü ü,uOO. Dr. Xaltnage occupied Beeohar's ohurch in the cvening. - The Indiana Legisluturo has passed apportionment bilis - Congrussicnal and lative - so partisan and unjust that Gov. Baker will not eiguthem; but let them bocomo laws without hisaignature. Is not that "whipjiing the devil around the stamp" ? - Down in Philadelphia civil service reform meant the promotion of a deputy postmaster to be postuiaster. Up in Chicago the deputy takes a back seat and a poli ti cal buiumer the postoilice. - The Postniaster Gteneral's estimates for tho fiscal year inolade 0,()UU for pa] er and $38,000 for twine : which leads the 11 vrld to suggest too iuuch twine or too littlo paper. ■ - M. Duval, son of a wealthy resident of Paris, shot hiinaelf in tho presenco of Cora Peail, for which Cora bas been cxiled, The shootist is in dangor of i-ecovering. - Susan B. Anthony appoarnd in the Roohesfe r ei arta aa attorney for the reek: pettors of eleetion wlio peraiitted her to repudíate her sex - by voting. - llade happy again : George Francia Train. Thia timo he is in the Tombg, .1 with pobliahing and eirculating an obscene sheet - tho Tr - llon. W. A. HowarJÜ bas not bom offered both the places of President (nd Land Cominissioner of the Northern Paciiic Bailroad ; only the latter. - The electoral vote : that was the prico paid by the Kellogg-Casey-CustomHoOse faction in New Orleans for Grant and government reeognition. :r. A. T. Stvv.-irt feil on tbo steps of his residence, Fifth Avenue, ?T. Y., on Satnrdny evening last, disloeating an ankle and breakiDga - The Preaiden! deulines to interiere with Judire Durell at New Orleans : faot is "he kindcr likes" Jndge Dorell's ways. - Congross is indulging in tho usual holidoy vacation. - The trial of Stokea is again nnder full headway. At the Bar ujeeting Lb this circuit, held at Jackson on Friday lust, tho soveril (Miiuti,'s wiüiï ropresented as follows : Ingham, 11 ; Jackson, 21 ; Washtenaw, il. !lon. Fisue LiiVERiiOBE presided, and Dwight Smith, of Ingham, acted as iy. IIoll. ErGENii PlUN'OLE, of n-, and (J. ïl. Huntinoton, of Mason, were placed in nouiination, and the first ballot rtsulted : for Huntingtox, 24; Peinóle, 14; G. T. Guidley, 2; Judgo IiAWEENCE, 1 ; when the nomination of HuTINGTMï was made un.inimous, and Judge Highy, Col. C. B.', and E. C. Dart appointed a eoramittee to adviso the Governor of the selection. Mr Huxtington is a voung lawyer of good reputation both personalv and professionally, and if appointed will aim to discharge the dutiea impar tially and to the best of bis ability Politieiilly he has al ways buen oí the Democratie "persuasión." - It is proper to say that before ging into convention or consultation the Washtenaw Bar had a meeting and decided by a vote of 7. to i not to present a candidato.


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