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f TEN REASONS WHY No h'amily should be without a boitle of V.1IÍTTLESEY in the house. Ist. - Itwffl relieve the worst cue of Bilí OU Ch ol i c or Cholera Morb us in 15 minute 2d. - It wiíl cure ttie most obstinate case éf Dyspepsla and I n d 1 g o & t i o r in a feu V 3dt - Tt ís the best remedy ín the worid frj Stok Hoadacho, as thousands can tcsüfy.jf tukea when t!ic fir.-t symptoms appear. 4th.- It is the test diuretic ever put beforT the public; curing those distressing complaints, ■ D Ir bote 8 a:id Gravel and other Urinary difflcultlco. 6thi- It iï a most excellent EmmenaGoguOi and to ihe Vounr; Clrls. middlc aeJ Vtfomen, and at the Tufn of Life, this remedy s of incalculable valué. 6tb. - It will remove wind from the bowels, a rul henee a fcv drops in sonic swectcned water S'vcn to a b.ibí is bet ter than a dozen cordials ld elieve and make it Sloop. Containmg no rnocivnc, 7th - It is a surc relief for adnlts and children affected with Worm a nnd Pin Wormi It will bring away the v 8th.- It will cure t!ic PI les and Hemorrhodial dilBcultie. Oth . - ït wiil cura Conrtlpntlon and keep the bowels regular, It will :.--u cure the worst :isc ofSummerComplalnt and Dysentery. lOth,- It will cure Lour fitomach Stlmulate the Livor to hcalthy action He lieve llonrf Curn and act ;is a general Regulator nf :!-,c (tystem. 1 taken dil'ite the do; e whh. ?ugar and Water to a Wine-Cinss full ad you have n plerunnt ton ie. Whittlesey (Dysyepsia Cure) $i.oo per bottlc. Whittlescy Agüe Cure soc. per bottle. Whittlesev Cougn Granules $c. per hottle. Sold by all druggisu and wnrranted. Whitilc8?y Prop. 2Bed. Co., Toledo, O. HAtüRE'S'BEMEbYrV fiSIfllBD . .The &reat Blood Purifie uuuvqlj irom thejnics of i, Hk'Ci.tU biirk, room SDd hurbs. and no : conccutrated thal ie wlil effect naU eradt tc 1 om the system everj taïut of Bcrofula c:-oiuuD8 Humor, inmor, Cáncer, Cancarotu Homor, lan, -alt Kheum. SyphUltlo Iisuatea,C kuker, h si ;:i tch aud oU dtseuei ariM r m Iroi ora bl od, ëdailca, iDÜammatory and ihronic RheomjitUm Neoralgia Qout iu . dpinal (ironlainls, canunly be effisctoaUycarnlt iroagti tht )lood. 1 ,. e ■'■■■ - end Braptlve Dtaeasci of th 1 -kin, Posnles, Pimplps, Ulotche, Boll-, Tetter, caldhead . i. VlciK'l INK luttnevcr Jailnd to effec; tor ] Insfn the back Kidaey Complaiitp, Dmpsy. Weaboesi Lcucorrhocn, atittiu; from tutor .. ■■ -ii De M.iiy. VK'l'i Lhooaosea of ti' -o co .11 Lnytgoratea and Btrdsgthem iwhok .].:■■■■ op a the BecretfYe organa, al A imiuuuou, i-uw ulceraUoaaud KgaiáteB the Dwels. 'iiüvrh, Dyspept la, Habita i UoítlTenew, PaiQeadacho, Pilos, Ñervonsne6 tlon of the N rvoua Systom, do . ■ ii :- . vorjflven sneh pei ■ tlon a GETISK. li purlüt pp all i ng power over :1mj Kcrvoua yetem. nes effected hv VKQETINE have ian and apothficarU'fl whnm we CQOW 10 :i I 11 ' it Mi Ui il' iHVll f im ht {■-,, v. GtfiTINB ;■ the beit ri medy yet vired for ■ ■ . only rellable flood Purlftcryi t placed b ■?" the pabllc. t y fel. 1. Ntevens, BostoD Mass. riet; SI. 25. H'i í y all iTu.iats. 1400 THE BItIGHT SIOE AM) FAMILY CIRCLE will bc pubii er aml prettier oaly tl.ttO pet ■ u. unl abeautifol uThe ia":i:. i.iiii:.-," w:ll be y"'lin t(l tvery 1 tita wantcd ererywbere. Libeial oomraij ■ did Pn miui be now Uetupi BHIGHT 8IDE CO., .- Chicago, Illinol. rwynv. PLACB TO (F.T YOUK HEW STÏLES OK JL Drvst Tiimming, la at tUo Favmere' Sture. WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELRY, SOLIDSILÏEIAIDILHIDÏAÏ' TABLE & POCKET CUTLER'f, SPECTACLES, FANCY GOOD S, ETC. Cis Ui, Xo. 11 South Main St., ! HAVE JUST RECEIYED A S ?LENDID ASSORTMENT OF T IE ABOVE NAMED GOODS. NEW AND ELEGvNT PATTERNS, A fine stock of Ladies' Wat ves áñd Chains, Fine Gold and Plated S fcs, Eings, &c. CALL AND SEE US. OUE PRICES AEÉ AS LOW AS AN Z IN THIS COUNTEY. REPAIRING OF WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELRY, Exocutod Noatly and Promptly.


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