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A Sad Story

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A New1 York paper of the 17th tells he sad story of the closo of the earthly career of Dr. Henry Groene, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, who arrived in 'the metropolis a few days ago, en route to the Village of Amenin, where he was to be married yestorday. He prolongod his stay in New York, being by some ncwfound acquaintance prevailed on to remuiii uutil Friday, when ho was to leave to keep iiis nnptial appointment. On Saturday? after drinking to excess, he wandered into Canal street bareheaded and dishovoled, and was taken to the Fifth Precinct Mation House liy a policeman, and thénce in an ambulance to the Park Hospital, whero it was discovored that he was suffering f rom the first stage of delirium, which rapwtty intcnsified and induced an apoplectio fit. His parents wei'e telegraphed lor to Erie, Pcnnsy]vania, and a message was atsb diepatched to tho young lady to whoiu he was to have bi;en marrifid. The latter rcachcd New York Monday afternoon. At a late hour the same evcning the unfortunato young physician was sinking rapidly. A man, in arguing for the privilege of being dishonest, eaid to his clergyuian, " Tho fact is, it is impossible lor ir.e, if I am 8trictly honest, to carry on my business and live in this world." " Die, then," wat the minÍ8ter'sunooinpromisÍEg repl)r. A writer asserts that if you put n pieoe of lump augar, tho size of a walnut, into a tea-pot you will make the toa infuse in half the time.


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