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BACrOBEL 26 MAIN STKEET, Buy iargely of JManufacturers'and Importers, ánd exclusively forfccasb, ajnvite theinspectionof thejïlosest cash tade. OTTR STOCK OF LADIISS' MESS FG0(P Will befound large andjattractive, ienibracing man y new styles - Elack Sjlks and sLyons Poplins at very Low Prices. JIÁÍ )Tj 4' ABEL. FIFTY PIECES BLACK ALPACAS Just FecervecL We shall make a SPECIALTY of these goods, and will fnake prices lower 5-ta. ever offered before in this cify. EACH & ABEL. JöO PiecesWamsutta Bleach. Cottone 50 " I;ansd4e " 5ü "Hill'sSem.Idem" At lower prices than they have been 8Qld for in $ie city jn te$ years. BACH & ABEL. Öur Cipth Department Is very complete, copsisting of Englieh, Fiencii, and Qerinan CoatLngs and Suítíngs, wíth niaiiy of the best American brands. We give espe-: cial attention to this brajack of our; bvisiness a-iid invite an inspection ,of the goods. ■L$ BACH & ABEL. ■ Í33X5OZE2ST Feit ad Embossed Skii'W We have the Celeb.r#.ted '■' Pqnson M Cloaks, and Cloth(the Best Importv.) BACH.&ABEJ We are agents in this city for the celebrated MEMS' SEAILESS KID (ÍÍMES, And have in store a Full Assortment. BACH & ABEL. ■ L.CRISDON'S AÜVERTI3EMENT, , ' , ( Now ia the time to buy PARLOR&lATllI STOVESf .viU seU Aam at COST wtil íitríber notice. o. 81 S, Jjlain Str Aan Arbor. , TJYP ÖÏÏESE ÍEATHjiR.S donetartlyunhand aurifor mlcby BACSfr AiEL


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