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Grape-growers' Maxims

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1. Prepare tho ground m íall ; plant in spriug. I. Givo the vines plenty ofmanure, olí and well decoinposed ; for fresh manuro excites gvowtb, hut it doea not mature ií. ?„. Luxuriant growtli does not always insure íiuit. 4. cleop, buf plant shallow. 5. Youn vines produce beautiful fruit, but oíd vinos produce the ri-chest. G. Pruno in autumn to insure gtawtb, but in tho spriag to prouiote fruitíulness. 7. Plant yonr vines beforo you put up trellises. 8. Vines, liko oíd soldiers, should have good aiuis. 9. Prune spurs to one well áevolopcd bud ; for the nearer oíd wood tïie higher tíavored the fruit. LO. Thoso wlio pruno long must soen clirab. II. Tino leavea lovo tho sun, fruit the shade. 12. Every lefifhas a hvd at ita bfisp, and cither a banch of i'ruit or a tendril opposite to it. 13. A tendril an abortivo fruit bunch ; a bunch of fruit a productivo tendril. 14. A bunch of grnpes without a henlthy leaf opposite is liko a ship at sea without a rudder - it can't come lo port.. 15. Lateral are like politieians- if not checkcd they are the worst of thieves. 16. Good grapea aro like gold- no one has enough. 17. The earliest grapes will keep the longest, for tluit which is fully njaturedis easily preserved. 18. Grape-eaters are long livers. 19 Hybrids are not always high bred. 20. líe who buys the ncw and untrind varieties should remember that the seller's maxim is: "Let the buyer look out for himself."


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