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A Reproach Of Corruption

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Th o Boston Globe, which is not entirely freo froiu the suspicion oí' having bccu a party Organ says : " The iiiet is that the aspect of all the República!) fitemtow uixl Representativos who hii-ve áabbled in the dirty waters oí' the Credit Mobilier does cast a reproach of corruption upon tho party, whether tho party ogans say so or nót, and it is of no to try to gloss ihe raatter over with fair phrases and efforts at charitable construction. It is botter to accept facts as tkey are, and improve the disastrous re-velations by makiug them a losson for the future. If that party is expeeted to cover up witb its all tho weitkness, irubecility and corruption that may attach to any of its public men, it Will have but a ehort lease of popular ■ confideiíce in ishs time to cttne. To our mind tlie party has already been nmch weakened by the revelationt t'iat havo been made, and íí can only recorer from that weakness and mairítain íts asnal as, cendency by striking from its roster thoso of its leaders whohavo proven faithless to their public trust. Let the bad be promptly ostracisd, and lei those who Ihavc been uirfortunately taiirterif with the infection be set aside wntil the wbolesome fumigation of time ba3 re&to-rcd their origiual purity."


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