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A Washington Rumor

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One of tho curront rumora m Washington seriously affeots the reputation of Mathow IJL Carpenter, of Wisoousin. It is said that at the timo whe-n the Senatorial election in Wisconsin was tremblir.g in the balance, and tho chances scoined to bo rather in favor of Gen. Cadwallader C. W'ashburn, Butler, or some acuto person,. went to Oakos Ames aaying, " In caso Gen, Waslibarn is elcctod to thü Sonate, you bwe a persistent, uutiring opponent of your Union Pacifio Railroad schemes ; in easo Mr. Carpenter is olected, you havo a persistent, untiring friond. ïen thousand dollars will settle it. 'Why don't you inetantly retain Mr. Carpenter as counsel of the Paeific Railroad, and pay hiin a fee of $10,000 'i " Tho retaincr, tho story goes, wasinstantlj agreod upon, and a check of 10,000 ws forwarded by Mr. J. M. S. Williams, on behalf of the Union Pacific Company. Mr. Carpenter was elected, and oertainly has not failcd to keep his branch of the contract.


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