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The Source Of Moisture

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Our tillable solí fe betvveen two great 3Eurces of moi..-turo - tho air above and tho ground belo rv. ïheso nevcr fuil, and ■sro inay at uil times draw upon thern. A bard or impervious soil wilt not do this. Sunk into water, it will with difiiculty be perraeatod with it. This then 13 not the land wuntcd in a drouth - and inuoh oi our land is moro or less of this nature. In a. drouth what cracks do wg find - searas oftt;n gevoruï feat in depth, and gapiag -wido enough eoinetiraes to adinit a mau's foot! This 13 in ulciy soil that hus not been propoily treatod - plowod too wet, uaually, wiêh au inauffleient amount of humH3, as i'-lao of saud. lleduco ttiia soil to a pulverizad condition, and thero wiil bo an opening made, tsai air and nioistuiö will enter, tho inoisturo by oapillary attraotion froju below, and the air froin abovo, loaving its uioisinre in it by condensation. Tliis is a simple principio of counterewtiag a drouth. Mako dooply mellow 8O-(MS to invite the moisturo trom bclow, ata& stir woll tbe suTÍ'ace so as to mix the air vith it. This ia an old doctrine, but it ie taidily adoptcd. Each f armer should do ns we havo exainples in the farmers - niake it a business to thoroughly cultívate the Boil ; this by nvniling himself of the iftllow, hoed Oiöps, and the of tho land. ïtomember thoro is 110 dangcr of working the land too much ; it never is workod onough. Yitalizo it with air ;


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