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A Steamboat Disaster

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Xew Orlkans, Feb. 15. - The steamboat Henry A. Joiins, from Houston i'or Galveston, with a cargo of 442 bales of cottou, was destroyd by tiro in Galvestou Bay. Twenty-one Uves vverc lost, amoiig them Gapt. J. Priee, iirst clerk, and James B. Hogan, second clerk, both wellknown stomuboat men. Galyestox, Fob. 15. - Tho stfiamer Charles ïorbes brought to tb is city the reseued frem the burnt steamer Henry A. Jones, among them assistant pilot David G. Gordon, who was on watch at the time of the disaster. He gives the following particulars : "Wlien about three miles above Redfish bar, at abont 4:50 this morning the watehman on the lower deck called out : " Redfish in sight." - The watchman was in the act of casting the lead when an explosión was heard, something liko an escape of steam, but more resembling the report of a gun. - The fint pilot, who was on the roof, ran down to the lower deck and iminediately sang out, to the assistant pilot to inake his escape, as the boat was on fire. Gordon imuHidiately left the wheel and ran down staiis. When he got below he found tho tire wrapppd tho whole boat and cargo in a sheet of rlame. He had only time to reach the barge. The Jones had 442 bales of cotton, a lot of hides, etc, on board, and the bargo Wool in tow. Alout tho timo Gordon reached tho barge it caught iiro and was let loose from the burning boat and floated away Murpby, the engineer on duty, did not escape, and all is conjecture regarding the cause of the disaster. The probabili ties are that tho fire-wall gave way and tb at tho report heard by Gordon was oaused by its fall. It is certain taat the wliolu voasel aiul caigo were in üames within live minutos after U13 flrst alarm. The i'ollowing are known to be lost : J. J. Price, first clerk ; James Hogan, second clerk ; William 11 urphy, first engineer ; Peter Petersoii, Ccopcr, John Cnramings, I). Turner, John Colliihan, Chris topher Silby, James Brown, W. Hughes, H. Harty. Win. Brady aud White Charley, deck-hands ; Bob Gilles fireman; W McGuire, first cook ; Win. Bishop, second cook ; one boy, name unknown ; Ali'red, cabinboy; Alex Botts, cabin boy; and tvvo stokers, iwmcs unknown. üi' fortyeighton board twenty seven were saved. Loss about $5,000 ; no insurance. Horace Greeley'8 daughters will each havo $100,000.


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