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Impressive Funeral Ceremonies

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The most soleinn and impressive Cath3l:c ceremony in this country since the funeral of Arch bishop Hughes was the late similar service over the remains of Ri;v. Father Starrs, of New York, ViearCreneral of the Archdiocese. Over two hundrcd priests attended at the Ca'hedral in full Oftuonicals, whilts delegations from the Christian Brothers, Sisters of Mercy, etc, inade the sceno singularly imposing. ïhe body of tho prelate w.ts robed in its priesily vet:uents, while wax candles threw their light over the placid features of the deoeased. His baretta was on his head, his silver lorks and maïs ble forehead contrasting with the black velvet and tassel resting on the white pillow. The whole bier was literally covered with floral ornaments, crosses, crowns and harps, in white camelias and toa-roses. At the foot of the cofh'n was an escutcheon bearing the simple word "Father." Tho pontifical requium mass with its beautiful solemnity was then eelebrated by the Archbishop and his assistauts. After the funeral services were over six priests raised the cofh'n on Iheir shoulders, the pall-bearers taking positions at their sides, and amid solemn chanting from the two hundrcd priests the General of thirty-nine years faithful service was borne through the thousands of his monrning people to his last resting-place in a vault prepared be neath tho cathedral.


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