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A Down East View Of It

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The Lawistoa Journal, one of the leading Bepubliean papers in Maine, finds its faith in sorae of the Republicau leader.-very much weakened by the revelations of Amos. Of the men special] y aficeted by the latter's testimony ït sa's : " üne year ago a largo prof ortion - a majority wo believe - of the voters in th( United Siates would havo staked theit fortunes on the truthfulness and sinciui ty of such men as Patterson, of New Hampshire, Binghaiu, Kelley, of PennB}'lvTania, and espeeially Vice President Colfax ; but now, uulesssome very strong rebutting testimony is brought forward to prove OaKes Ames to be a falsifier und blackmailer, we sball havo to believe that these men themselves have testified falsely and, nnder the cloak of falsehood, tried to cover unworthy, or at least questiouable, transactions. Ït is hard to lelieve these faets ; yet to all appe.iran . , thereisno getting overor around them, s Ames remarked in the testimony. The facts feil like thunderbolts upon the peeple, who were totally unprepared to n - ccive such astouiidinsr disclosures in regard to men so highly csteeined in the past. But such f acts Lave a moral. They provo that infalhbility, whether pro nouneed uuder tho dec-ee oí a pope, or froin an independent pulpit, or as sonii - times implied by the expressiou of pr.b ie opinión, isan expressiou entinly f ueign 1o mortal man. While we may i e humili - ted and sad over the loss of faitb in il dividuuls whom heretofore we hnve honired and trusted, let us not forget that jus tice, truth and hmesty are yet rulc-rs o1 tho mas8os, and that the right oventually masters the wrung.


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