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Indignant Virtue

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-A Londou tective put uis head mto uu omnibus one d;iy, jist as it was starting off, with the remark, "Passen gers will do woll to lotk out tor tbeir pocket-books. Tl. ere an two lurmbers of the swell mob in thi 'bus." Thereupon a grave-iooking gen tleman with eye-glasses and a gold-hcaded enne, hustily got out, saying, if that's the case 1 won't go iu this 'bus." Hewns followed by a clerical-looking gentleman with a white thoker, who remurked tha! he "would n't ride in sueh conipany ' And then the detective closed the dooi and shouted to the diiver, "AU right. drive on, they've gone out." We do n't mean to be unkind ; but r(ally, the story is an old one, and we havt no excuse for publishing it except that Sonator Patterson's pathetic speech the other day about leaving public lit'p with pleasure it' thiugs were going on in thi?way, and then brother Hurlnu'sfollowing him out with remarks in a similar tone, reoalled the eircumstanee. - iV. Y. Times, If you have occasion to use a whee!barrow, leave it, when you ave througl with it, in front of the house with ti e handlcs towaid tlie door. Awbeelbairov is the most complicated tliing to Ă­n 1 over on the face of the eaith. A ni n will fall over one when he would nev r think of falling over anytliing else. Ie never knows wlun he lias got tliroug falling over it either, for it will tangle ! is legs and his arms, turn over with h m and rear up in front of hini, and just i i he pauses to congratĂșlate himself, ittak 8 a new turn and scoops more skin ott' hin , and ho commences to cvoluto anew, aim bump himself on fresh placas. A man never ceases to fall over a wheelbarrow until it turns cciupltely on its back, or brings up agaiust sometliing it cannot upset. It is the most inoffensive looking object there is, but it is more dangerous thiin a lpcoraotive, umi no man is secure with one unless he has a tight hold of its handles, and is sitting on something.


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