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The London Nonconformüt puWiahes tables showing the religious acooniniodation i'urnished in eighty-for. towns of England and Wales, excluuing the metropolis. The population of the eightyfour towns is 5,913,919. The number of placos of worship is 4,843 ; tho number of sittings is 2,644,523, and the proportion of sittings to the population is 44 per et. Adopting the oíd rule that ouly 58 per cent of the entire population require religious acconimodation, the reason of tbe necessary absence of children, invalids, and othors, it would appear that there is a defioiency in these 84Jtowns of only 14 per cent Comparison show that in the last 21 yeara there has been an increase of 1,527 places of worship and of 829,337 sittings. The population of tho towns has inc'reased at tho rate of 35 per cent., while the religious accorumodation has been augmented at the rato of 49 per cent. Tho comparison as botweeu tho Established Churnh and the unestablished churches foots up as follows : Established Ohurch 1,508 places of worsliip, 1,0 -H),S72 sittings ; unestablished churches, 7,33$ places of worship, 1,603,851 sittings; in favor of unestablished churches, 1,827 placea of ■woTship, 503,179 sittings. Thtrs it appfe'ara that in these 84 towns, with an aggregate population of nearly 6,000,000, the establishment provides two-fifths of tho moans of public worship, and the religious bodies outsido of the establishment three-üfths. The increaso of the various religious bodies within these 21 years is stated to be as follows : The Estabhshod Church, ?4 per cent. ; tho Roman Catholic ühurch', 80 per cent. ; tho Unitarians, 34 per cent. ; the Wesloyans, 34 por cent, ; the Cougregationalists, 60 per cont. ; and the Baptists, 53 per cent.


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