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In the United States Senate, on Monday, Sonator Morlón attempted to cali up tho resolution dcclaring the election cf CaldweM, provod to have bought his aeat in the Senate, illegal and void. A preliininary motion to lay the Agrioultural Oollego swindling land-grant bill on tho table, in order to givo the Caldwell resolution preeodenco as a question of privilege, was dofeated by a vote of 'l'l to 32. Both the Michigan Sonator3 voted 110 and in favor of oontinuing thcir ofïicial associatious and relations with Caldwell. Harían, Patteraon, and Jim Nye, all of whom are under a cloud, the tvro fonner in connoction with the Crodit Molnlior, and tho iatter being chargcd with selling out his chance í'or tho succession, are also reoorded among the nays. Tho Kansas "novico" - a mild term for fooi - is likely to escape " unwhipped of justioe." Too man y Senators "livoiu glass houges." - Discussing the proposition of the Lansing Itepublican looking to a political división of the Board of Kegonts, the Allegan Journal protests. It thinks that not a singlo heretio should be perruittod a seat on that board. It says : " The Democratie party wherever it bas attainod iowcr in this country is hoatile to educational interests." Which is a bold and bald and foolish LIE. The Democratie party of Michigan established and creafed tho admirable school systern of the State, and laid broad and wido and deep tho foundations of tho Univcrsity which the picayune and partisan liepub, liciins like our cotemporary of tho Journal wish to exclusively manipúlate and control. Is it necessary to be viciously and inaliciously untruthful as well as narrowniinded ? - In the IT. S. Senate on Wodnosday, Mr. Wright, of Ia., Republican of courso, introduced and procured the adoption of a resolution instructing the Cominittee on Transportation Routes tcfinquiro into tho proprioty of the government building a doublo track railroad from tho Atlantic soaboard to the Mississippi or Missouri Eiver, with a view of choaper freights. ïïow many would bo office-holders and government pensioners are under tliat mcal-tub 'i - It is now snid that Secretary Bout woll has withdrawn hia resignation, heretofore tendered to the President to tako place March 4th, and will hold on to his portfolio, by rpquest of the President, uutil after the Massachusetts Senatorial olection, set down for March lOth. " A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush," and so the Sonate is to be kopt in " extraordinary session " to -wait Boutwoll's success or failure. - Butler and Conger strnok hands in the House on Monday, in opposition to tho fishery bill, so-called, which simply seeks to carry out in good faith on e of tho provisions of the " Treaty of Washington." Butlor's opposition carno from ' pure cuBsedness," whilo Conger claimed to have the interest of the lako fisherics at heart. Tho bill was nevertheless passed : yeas, 145 : nays, 30. - Mrs. Abby Sage Bichardson comes to the aid of Colfax. In 1869 she boarded at Indianapolis with Mra. Matthews, mothor of Schuyler Colfax, and Mra. M. exhiTtod a letter from Mr. C. inclosing a Nesbitt letter, which out of pure love and admiration promised Mr. Colfax SI, 000 each quarter during Lis term. as Vice-President, and much more of the same sort. A littlo fishy. - Gen Butler succoeded in forcing. tho House on Monday to so amend the legislativo appropriation bill as to increase the salaries of members of Congross, commoncing with Maroh 4th 1871, from $5,000 a year to $7,500, with actual trav, ding expenses at each session. That's the " sop " for giving up the franking privilege. - Tho Poland Credit Mobilier Committee rocommondod the expulsión of Ames for bribing members of Congress, and of Brooks who was n't bribed. The ïncmbors in whoso hands Ames " placed " stock wore let off without even censure. And that is the Eadical idea of justice. ' - Judge Sherman, of Ohio, and Judge Durell. of Louisiana, are candidatos for impeachment; the former for selling himsclf as a lobbyist, the other for usurpation and assumption of duties not attaching to his office. Both should bo elected. - Tho Allegan Journal says that the Superintendent of Public Instruction is, ex-offleio, a Eegent of the University or rather " a membor of the Board of Eegents." Under what law ? Givo us the citations. - What grudgo bas tho JN ow Orleans Picayune against tho poor poople of Spain that it would iniliot Kellogg, Durell, Paokard, Longstrcet & Co., upon theni ? It ought to have more huinanity. - Secretary Fish has deoided (again) not to leave tho Cabinet. He is a thorougb beliover in the oïd maxim " few offioe-holders die and none resign." - Mr. Edwin James, who oame to tbis country " under a cloud," but reeently returued to London, has boen denied roadmission to tho English bar. ■ - Senator Clayton, of Arkansas, has joon white-washod by the oommittoe apjointod to investígate the charges against ïim. - The New York Evening Post chronclos Monday last as the coldest day of he eeason. ' ■ - The RepubÜcan State Conveutlon held on Wednesday ptiid no attentiou to the suggcstion of the Lansing Republiean, tliiit one Republican and ono Dewocrat bo iiomiiii'.ted for Regent. - "Misfortnnes never como singly:" and so bo:!.';". and coupons io tho nniount of $1,000 were stolen from the residence of Vice-Prcsidont Colfax on Saturday afternoon last. - The Missouri Legislatura has exoimratod Senator Bogy froui the charge of bribory. - Grand Eapids gets the next annual fair of the Consolidated State sociel - The Caldwell case bas iotio over to the special se3sion of t!ie Sonate. to - Inauguration day : Tuesday next.


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