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The Modoc War Ended

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San Francisco, March 3. Judge Rosborough, E. Steele, J. A. Pairchild, Frank lüddle and several other gentlemen went to the camp of Capt. Jack on Saturday and were met by about thirty Indians. The party took the Modocs terras of peaoe, as follows : They must surrender to the military authorities and be removed to a reservation in Arizona, thelndian Territory or South California. The council was very peaoe able, and the party reinained in Capt. Jactas camp all night. The chief is quite 111, and is anxious for peace. Mr. Steele stated the propositions of the coinmission, ad all the Indians expressed their assent, but declared tb at they would have nothing to do with Meacham r Jesse Applegate. They did not wish ;o return to' Lost Kïver, for they would 30 amongst enemies. Charley Schonere wantod to pro to Washington to see the 3ig chief. Ycstorday Steele and eight Modoc warriors came out to Canby's oamp. It is generally thought that the war is or.ded. Sax Franciísco, March 3. The following dif.jjitch has been sent ;o the Secretary of the Interior: Xo V. JJnlano, Washington: Havo sent a messeiiger with the folowing terms : The Modocs to surrender mtaaetf of war to be removed to a outhern and warmer climate and provided tor. Thoy accept tho terms and ïave sent a delegation of eight to talk over the details, but not to conclude hom. Cüpt Jack is sick and everything favorable for peace. They ask for mail homes,, and to bo located collccively. We think wèll of their request 'or amnesty to all. Capt. Jack li'siras to visib Washington with ono or wo of bis young men. Signed by tho couaiBiissianers. The Midland TiuEèpendBiit says a new omplaint bas appeard among the horses n the lamber camps in Midland County. 'he horses ae taken with a lameness in ome of' the limbs, aecompanied with a hivoring and apparent weakness. The ïsease lins created considerablo alarm uiong horse owners in that section. The defíoiuncy in the accounts of the ate postmaster at New Orleans, Mr. LowU, amounts to $54,000, .19,OÜ0 of whicU re on ruonoy order account.


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