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Sunday Piety-for The Poor

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There is no departmtnt of legal adminlstration n England whsue the influence of weahh does not swny the balance of justice. The restrictions imposed on the rccreations of the poar on Sunday represent a salient instance. The Museums and Art Galleries are locked agaiast the poor on the only day of the week on which they might enjoy them ; they are debarred entrence into taeZoological and Botanical Gardens; and every effort to procure a Sunday afiernoon admission for them is met with storniy opposition, based upon the quantity of Sunday labor that would be inTolved. Yet no Sabbatarian dreams of tryint to close the great Clubs of Pall Mali, in oach oí' which a corps of cooks, guards, and liveried servants are kept at work all duy. Sunday, more than sufficient to attend a Museum visited by thousands. And the Zoological Gardens are open on Sunday to thoso wealthy enough to be subscribers. The late Sir Joshua Walmsley related that after he had vainly endeavored to eecure from Parliainent admission for the public to the Zoological Gardens on Sunday, he met on the follovving Sunday a member of Parliament who had bitterly opposed his measure, coming out of those gardens with his son. Sir Joshua exclaim - ed, "Why, how is this; I thought you wore opposed to the opening 'of these pnxdens on Sunday f Oh," replied the M. P., " I am not opposod to it for people hke ourselves, but it will nevor do for the lower classes.- it would never do. Mr, Horre II, the Secretary of the Free Runday League, told me that when his Leaguo had secured from the government, against much clerical opposition and piccicuons of disorder, the privilog-e of ha-ving a band perlbrm muaicin Eegent's i0" Hunday afternoon, he observed a Bishop drive up on one occasion, in his fine carriage, whn he alighted and ■walkod around, obsorving the great crowd. One of the Sunday Lea gut spoke to him wiying : " Your Lnrdship sees that there ns no arsoraer.!1 " No," replied the Bishep, ,here s n ne; but it is sad to witUfss th Tiojatioa of the Sabbath ;" wcreniicn he ro-entered his carriage and dro-e with his fainily to the adjacent Botanieal Gardois, where Mr. Marrell afterw-ard nw him and lus family enjoying the dehfrht from which tho poor are debarred by the sancity of the Sabbath ! These inconsistencies do not pass unnoticcd by the poor, and the loud declawations by the clergy againat the employment of the poor in Sunday labor at Museums have rouse such replications as to their own Sunday enjoymuata that the Lord s Day Eest Association have at last telt that they cannot under such cireumstances hope much longer to rosist the siege at the doora of tlm ,H,v oi_


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