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When I Am Dead And Buried

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I. Wlu'ii I am dead añil buriel, then Thero will be mourning among inun. I hear one mnsisg on my dual : "How hard be fought to win liis eruat." And one, " He was too BCasitiT Iq this eoM-wiiitiTuú World to live." Anöther, weepmg, "Ah, how íew So gentie-hearted and so truc." "I met him imly ouce, :uul yut I think 1 never sball Eorget The strauge, Bad look in íií-j yo'in;; oye-," Uno oí her saya, and then with wise And Bo'.emn-shaking licad, - " No dohbt The hot heart bariit thut irail íraiue out.n II. Good friendü, a discount on yoivr grief ! A httle present help wcre worth More than a Borrow-stxicken uarth ben I ain bat a withcred Jeaf. An outstrcühfd hand were better to me liian jroui í'JíIi pvwyaTd Bympathy. You need nut my uní rhyma aud paint m, Youncod notweep Eorauusigh torandsaintzns After yon' ve starved mo - driyi u na' duad. Say ! do you hear f what 1 vaut is lruad !


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