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Wanted: A Boy With Ten Points

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1. Honest. 2. Pure. ü. Intelligent, 1. Activo. 5. Industrious. 6. Obedient. 7. Stoady. 8. Obliging. 9. I'olite. 10. Neat One thonsand first rata pl-ices are open tur olio thousand boys who come up to the standard. Each boy can smt lus taste as to the kind of business In; would prefer. The places are ready in every kind of oocupation. Manyofthem are already tilled by boys who lack ,s me of the most important points, but they will soon bo vacant. One is an office not far frora whero wo write. The lad who has the sitn-itiou is loosing his first point. He likea to attend the circus and the theater. This j costs more üionoy than ho can afford, but somehow he nianages to be thero i'requently. His employrs are quictly watchuiK to learn how he gets so muoh extra spending inoney; they will soon discover a leak in the noney drawer, detoct the dishonest boy, and his place will bo readyfor soine one who is now getting ready for it by observing point No 1 and being truthful in all his ways. Soine situations will soon bo vacant. beoause the boys havo been poisonod by reftding bed liooks, such as they would not daro show their lathors, and woold be ashamed to have their mothtra see. The impure thoughta suggested by these books will lead to vicious acts; the boys will bo ruinad and their places must be filled. Who will bo. ready for these vacancies? DÍ3tinguished lawyerg, useful ministers, ikillfal physicians, sacoeseful nïerohants, must all soon leave their placts for somebody else to fil). One by one they ars removed by death. Mind your ten points, boys ; they will prepare yon to step into vacancies in the tront rank. Every man who is worthy to einploy a 003', is looking for yon, if yon have the prints. Do not fear that you will be overiooked. A youugpevson having these quaütiiis will shino as plainly as a star at night. We havo named ten points that go toward making up the character.of a succossfül boy, so that they can bs easily remembered. You can imagine one on each finger, and keep them in mind ; they will be worth moro than diamond rings,, and you will tben never be ashamed to ' show your hand."


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