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The Miseries Of Self-importance

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Observe how sëlf-importancfi inake.í a man moody rad unhappy. Ha who is alwaya thigking of bis own excellence readers himaelf theréby unfit to enjoy the good of others, and is pfone to imagine tlnit every token of afffcctioil given to another ia a;i insult offored to hiniseli. Heneo he is toucky, sensitive, irritable and onvious. He takes offense whea none is meant, and even when those around him are not thinking of him at al i he interprets tlieir conduct as if it was studiously diseourteous, and goes through the world smartiug frooi wounds which havo sprung not so much from negleot of others as from his o vn overwoening selfeonceit. Thero is. no suver way to make ourselves miserable than to thiak of ourselves more highly than we ought to think. It isolates us from all about us. It cuts U3 off aliko from human sympathy and divine assistanoo. It máksa us very IshmaeLs with our hands against every man and every uian's hand appavently against us. It gives a jaundiced hue to the behavior of those who, so far from raeaning to do evil to us, have our be&t interests at heart, and ], ivo ns with self sacrificing afi'eetion. The man who has a wouud about him, no matter where it may ce, feels it to be always in his way. Let him do what ho will, or go where he may, he cannot move himsolf but lio is conacious of his pain. In liké mauner, he who bas this foèling of solf-importance is coiitinually snarling. Somebody lias alwnys boen slighting him 1I is oonstantly complaining of having been insulted, and when honor is given to another lic feels nothing but that he; has been overlooked. Thua he shuts himaelf out from every fostira], and mopes most of all when others are merry. A Danbury youug inan who was once a clerk lately went 011 a farm t-o work. The first night in liis new position ho was dotailed to remove il calf iVom the apartSaent of its parent to another ahed, and while engaged, as thousahds have been boforo hiiü, in ahoving the contrary beast along, the mother reaohed under the tails of bis coat with hor horns and suddenly lifted liim up againat tlio roof of the building with a forcé that threatened to shattor every bono in bis body. Thé first thing he did on retumiug to earth vasto rub himself, the next tliin was to throw up his plaoe. He said ho didn't doubt tfiat agrieulture was a noble pursuit, and that tho farmer needed i nt in tho discharge ot' his maltitarious dnties, but ho didn't believp ho was designed for making sky-lights in oow slieds. A witnoss recently stated in answer to i magistratü that he was apezuñan. Tlio ma gis trate, puzzlod at tho answer, wiiich did not exactly oorrespond with tha witappearance, asked in what t' litaraturo bo wielded his pen, vvhon ho replied lliat he pcnned slieep in the cuttle yard. We meet with this description of Eugenie : " Tho ex-Einprcss is slim and stately, as veil as tall. Her complexión, as far as is apparent to the public, cscaped sallo wne8S, if it has not that alft"wbitoncsi wbich it possessed in earlier days. lier eye coatiuues ctear and X'iercing."


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