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The Democratie County Convention wan held on Saturday last, purguant to cali, andferganizud ly electing J. J. ltojiisox President, and K. 1!. Pond S tary. The following delegatea wero ele to tbe Stato Convention : John Stark■■.; lM-,vard Duity, Pote Tuite, Samson Parker, J. S. Henderson and Ezra D. Norrig. A tnotion requesting tha dclegates to vote for Judge Ckhistiaxoy in tliu State Convontion waa made and Obt. On the second ballot for a candi ibr Coiuity Supo.riutondenl of School?, Hon. JEBEMIAH D. COEEY, of Mal ter, received a majority of the Votes cast, and was, on inotioii, declarad onaniaiuugly nominated, after whioh the convontion adjournod. - On Monday Jïr. Cor:;Y advised the Connty Cominittne that lie eould not accept the nomination. A meeting of the cummitteo '.vas iiuniediately palled for Thursday, on whioli düy CilAHLEJ J KrNTNEU, of this city, was nominatod,. aud has accepted tho nomination. V(o luake mention ot' his qualiftcations and merits in another articlo. Befoke you make up your niind to voto against tho loan for a new Conr't House, and base your refunal on thé benpfits to acon-.c to Aun Arbor, the great ornament the building will be to this city, etc, remember that by the conditions imposed by tho Board of BuperviBOrs, Ann Arbor (city and town) will be ealled upon to pay $45,619.20 of the proposed coat, le;t ving $53,383,80 to be paid by tho other ninoteeo townships and tho city of Ypsiianti. And, tlion. don't let tho usc ot' those two rooms stick in your erop. At 8 per con t. tho interest on that $33,000 will amount to $2,040, p good rent to pay i'or t-,vo rooms, rooms that can be providi'd i'or in tl::! plans :it au amount not to exeecd .$5,000, and probably for a urach loss sum. - Bemember, too, the unsafo oEHces in which tlio Probatn and other reconls are now kept, an 1 dou't voto to cut your own noso off to spHe Ann Arbor. TnE Logislature has cre.ited two new circuits, two ono-horse lawyers will attain to judicial honors and $1,500 a year and the peoplo will pay the fiddler. Fower circuits, larger salaries, and better judges is what is wanted, hut tho people won't let the Constitution be so amonded as to enable that end to be reaehed, and so the nuniber of judges goes on increaging. " Penny wise and pound foolish."


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